A Unique Timelapse Video Of European Architecture Comprised Of Thousands Of Photos

Over the span of three months, Luke Shepard journeyed through 36 cities and 21 countries with the intent of capturing these beautiful European structures. What started as a successful kickstarter campaign,which raised nearly $20,000, has led to this beautiful video. 

One of the many reasons why people go to Europe is to see the beautiful architecture. Combine that with the energy that the night brings and this is exactly what this video gives us. The best part was the incredible angles in the video. This was achieved by carefully piecing together countless photographs to attain the look you see.

You can see a full list of the buildings in the video and their locations along with the camera gear he used here: http://www.lshep.com/

The video is appropriately titled 'NIGHTVISION'.

Luke explains why he decided to shoot at night,

“I have made the decision to shoot the entire project after dark as the sequences at night posses aesthetic qualities that present the architecture from a more surreal and unfamiliar perspective. In addition, greater contrast exists between the sky and the structure, allowing the viewer to focus on the brilliance of the architecture more so than the passage of time. The absence of people around the structures late in the night provide the surreal atmosphere that allows the viewer to feel as though they have these well-known landmarks all to themselves.”

For more information about the project, check out the description in the old kickstarter campaign.

Be sure and check out Luke through his various channels.

Facebook: http://facebook.com/lukedoesthings
Website: http://lshep.com


[Via Fstoppers' Facebook Page]

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Ad Ro's picture

That was pretty cool! I wonder if there is a BTS video of how they made those shots.

Marius Batman Viken's picture

It's a hyperlapse done on some sort of dolly with a timelapse motorized head I guess

Nick Li's picture

errrr...no. That's just impossible to do with a motorized head because of that major moving distance. More simply, you can do this by just taking pictures and changing your camera's positions in a fixed amount of interval time, BY HAND.

EnticingHavoc's picture

Eliciting a long yawn. Sorry but this effect is so worn out and over-used it makes me fall asleep immediately. Hard to believe that anyone still invests time into such a triteness.

Jayson Carey's picture

Wow. You are one jaded individual. It's not about the effect, it's about the absolute beauty of these locations.

Nicholas gonzalez's picture

Wonderful work!

Charlie Harry Smith's picture

The photographer immediately made me love him by using music by M83... I adore them. Coupled with exquisite time lapse images, it's just perfect!

christian lacasse's picture

I love the visuals Luke, the wet ground around 2:53 is another beautiful touch. Keep pursuing your dreams and thanks for sharing.

foto_PeeRoS's picture

Hey Christian, I was amazed when I found that building with the wet floor as it is our National Theatre at the bank of the river Danube in Budapest, Hungary, my birth&living city.

Christine B's picture


Nathaniel Dodson's picture

This is very nice! I love the smoothness of the hyperlapse shots!