Use Protection: HDMI Lock For Canon 5D

Video monitor manufacturers SmallHD have recently released a port cover for the Canon 5DmII that prevents the HDMI port from getting damaged due to an accidental, uncontrolled removable of a mini-HDMI cable. This video makes you hold your breath as they drop a camera from the HDMI cord, but the Port Protector seems to hold strong. A very handy add-on to save you from a potential costly repair. Always practice safe shooting!

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plateau49's picture

nice but another for usb port please

i watched it... and i recorded my clip :)
i know it's not same... but bit cheaper and for all camera users

David Raco's picture

Your method is safer for the HDMI port of the camera.
Besides, the solution presented on SmallHD won't work with the grip on.

JeanPatrickBernhardt's picture

One thing that pops in my head is "Ok, he proves that the cable won't disconnect from the HDMI port but it looks like there are some movement on the cable head. This would lead to small movements on the HDMI connector that is soldered on the logic board, with common sense you understand what I'm thinking of. Yeah in time those small movements will damage the solder and then the HDMI connector will "fall off" from the logic board."