[Video] The Art of Film and TV Title Design

Chances are, if you are viewing this on our website, you are a still photographer and not a professional title designer. Although there are many genres of art, in a way they are all the same thing. The goal of any artist is to make an impact and create an emotion with their work. If you have ever admired the title sequence before a movie, this video is for you.

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Nicholas's picture

Absolutely beautiful work. 

If you liked this video, you might like the Art of Title blog.

I love great title sequences.  Some shows have taken a very minimal approach now and just have a 5 second title sequence, which is ok too for time, but for movies I find it really boring if the title sequence is just words on the screen without an idea to tie it together.

Mike Folden's picture

That was awesome. Thanks for sharing that. 

I'm a HUGE title sequence fan.  SE7EN being my all time favorite.    The title sequence done by BLUR for THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO is pretty damn hot as well!!  Check the link here for some details on the making of the sequence:


Benicio Murray's picture

Stunning video, thanks