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[Video] The Fascinating End Of Kodachrome's 75 Year Legacy

When Dwayne's Photo, based in Parsons, Kansas, ceased processing Kodachrome film, it was the end of an era spanning 75 years. This ten minute mini-documentary by Xander Robin affords us a view into the history of Kodachrome, the process used to develop it, and insight from the employees of Dwayne's who worked with the film regularly.

While most of us have gone on to shooting with an entirely digital process, it is still, in my opinion, worthwhile to look back and learn what it took to develop the film on which many of our favorite images were made. What are your thoughts on the end of the development of Kodachrome? If you've used it to create images in the past, what do you miss (or not miss) the most about it?

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Garrett Graham's picture

Something beautiful and nostalgic about all will be missed.

Nicholas Gonzalez's picture

Bravo, Kodak. 75 years of peerless quality in film is no loss. Few photographer careers or tools can compare to such a legacy.