[Video] Grab Your DSLR And Take Part In This Interactive Film

When I first saw the link to this interactive short "Darkroom", I was expecting some sort of YouTube style Choose-Your-Own-Adventure, where I’d have to click on links to new videos. Much to my surprise though, it was nothing of the sort. In this unique video by Vimeo User FIAP, you will want to grab your DSLR and set it to manual to properly experience this.

Here is the video of what you see if you don't have a camera to use. It's a pretty interesting technique that seems to use the long exposure to map squares to form a complete image. If you've seen something like this before, leave a link in the comments section so everyone can check it out.

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Cool use of steganography. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steganography

man, that is wicked cool!

amazing... love the work :)


wow brilliant :O