[Video] Impressive Short Film Of Chicago Uses Timelapse, Slow-Mo

There are a lot of timelapse and slow-mo shorts out there, but rarely do they have a narrative. “Projecting Reflections” is a short film by Preston Kanak and crew that blends these techniques and adds an alluring voiceover, and the result is something more than just a pretty video. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m loving all of these timelapse videos that have come out lately depicting cities around the world. How about you?

From Preston's website: "This film was shot over two days in Chicago, Illinois on the RED Epic & Canon 5D. The first day Karen, Austin & I spent timelapsing at various locations around the city. On the second day Joel, Karen, Austin, Eric & I filmed up and down Michigan Avenue (and a few other locations)."

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Cool, I like the narrator's voice. It goes well with the movie. The horse and carriage at 3:04 really stands out against the modern technological word surrounding it ^^ Im glad we still have horses!

Very nicely done!!

great video!

This is outstanding.

 keep playing it again and again ,LOVE IT 

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Lovely video.  The artist was so kind to post an alternate version of this video without the voice-over; just the video and the music.  I like that better as it allows one to get even deeper into the rhythm of Chicago's soul.

Bar none the most beautiful city on earth, no other place can compare.  Chicago I miss you so much.