[Video] Shooting Fighter Pilots In Flight

Justin de Reuck takes us with him on his job of taking photographs of fighter pilots in flight. Though there is no dialogue, the visual element speaks for itself. Photography is difficult enough as it is, but try doing it under excessive g-force and being upside down! This video makes me want to experience this once in my life. You can also check out the final shots from this video here.


Here's another video. It was shot through the interior of the F18 fighter jet with a GoPro camera. The GoPro has made so many ideas possible that previously were hard to execute. The moment the other jet breaks away from the formation is spectacular. You really have to see this in HD and in full screen to give this video justice.


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Mark Kauzlarich's picture

This is FANTASTIC! I mean, the level of dead-pan in his face, plus no audio, makes it seem like its not even a big deal. Hilarious to me. I'd love to try this out as well, but I can promise I'd be reacting much more to each "little" turn. His photos come out much better than the other photographer that was posted who takes photos with giant light modifiers and Profoto gear (or whatever brand it was).

Pratik Naik's picture

I know, that was my first though, "I don't think I would appear as calm, especially with such pressure." It must be a wild experience being up there and enjoying the beautiful scenery coupled with the sheer pain of the force. To top it off the photos came out beautiful!

Shannon Wimberly's picture

in the history of aviation... I wonder how many planes and pilots were lost not anticipating the consequences of g-force/blood brain drain..... or do you suppose this was well thought out. I mean really, hasn't it always been necessity as the mother of invention? ...... you know, scheme, invent, build, test, uh oh......scratch the head and start again?  

cool video, would love to see some of the pics though. great opportunity, but that music was pretty bad, LOL

Pratik Naik's picture

You can scroll up, there's a link to the gallery of the images. They turned out great!

cool video, would love to see some of the pics though. great opportunity, but that music was pretty bad, LOL

2nd video had good music though

Joe Tobiason's picture

Puts a whole new meaning to a f18 pilot.  ;)

That is definitely a cool job!

Jassie's picture

i really enjoyed the video, but where is the link to photos?

i wanna see the final results :)

Shannon Wimberly's picture

WHOA HO HO!!!!! I.WANT.THIS.GIG!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!

James's picture

2nd video ... What a tune !