[Video] Shooting Landscape Photography At Garden Of The Gods

Photographer Lewis Carlyle at Sun Gallery Photography has been exploring some amazing landscapes and sharing their beauty in his series American Photographic. This video explores Garden of the Gods in Colorado, including info on the challenges of shooting there, as well as a history lesson. What landscape destinations are on your list to visit?

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Garden of the Gods was my favorite part of Colorado, Loved it.

Lest you photographers visiting the area should be disappointed, you should know that Garden of the Gods is NOT an isolated place. It is also usually quite crowded. It's very beautiful, don't get me wrong, but you can avoid the crowds by visiting Red Rock Canyon, which is less than a mile from Garden of the Gods and quite beautiful itself.

I just moved to Colorado Springs, and I can see Garden of the Gods from my front door...over miles and miles of suburbia and strip malls. Definitely check it out, but be prepared for what it actually is.

While you're at it, visit Manitou Springs. It's a quirky little arts community a few miles from Garden of the Gods.

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I favour the high desert and hope to visit Great Basin Park near Ely, Nevada. Been to Ely but unfortunately didn't have time to visit the park. Hope to photograph some bristlecone pines someday.