[Video] Shutter Island Proves DSLRs Can Make Beautiful Films

Team Nine brings the greens, greys and sometimes blues of Iceland to you in the beautifully composed Shutter Ísland. Filmed with a Canon 7D, using a Sigma 30mm f/1.4 lens, the film short shows both the capabilities of DSLR HD video and the team’s eye for composition — proving one lens is all you need. For a photo-based tour, consider viewing Iwan Bigler’s Flickr set of photo stills here. I am already looking forward to their next trip. Great job Team Nine! Via Gear Patrol

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Tulaga Whitcombe's picture

Awesome! I have the same cam and lens!

James Robertson's picture

Anyone else seeing a bunch of green/orange/pink flashing on the screen when they view in HD?

Elliott.G.Montello's picture

Nice film, some fantastic shots on there :) But I don't think any of us had doubts that DSLRs can make beautiful films in the first place? I know I didn't. There are plenty of very beautiful films shot on 7Ds and 5Ds I mean check this one out.

Corey Melton's picture

I am with you Elliot, however I wouldn't use this video as an example. The noise is really terrible with whatever ISOs this was shot at, which kind of proves the video snobs right in thinking DSLRs arent able to create quality films. To an extent theyre right, but with every new DSLR released we seem to be getting so much closer.

Nicholas's picture

Sweet work! 
I'd love to know what their workflow was. I've been having a hard time getting my 7d's images to look sharp but less pixilated. Perhaps it's the way it compressed? Any video tutorial recommendations to get the most out of one's dslr?

Benicio Murray's picture

 I'm with you on that mate. Really hard to get my footage looking so crisp

AJ Banzhoff's picture

Does anyone have any ideas on how to do the drawing line to split screen effect? Do you think it was done in After Effects or do you think it could be? Trying to locate a tutorial. I love the look of it.

Jeremy Lusk's picture

I think it's just one shot. The tent could have been offset by starting with one of the crops slightly moved to one side and then slowly animating it into place before the line is removed.

Martin Clemens Walter's picture

M83 we meet again… they make awesome music, but I feel like hearing them on every video…

Matthew Cairns's picture

I'm not sure what the first song in the video was but it doesn't sound like M83.  The other two songs were by Sigur Ros and Youth Lagoon respectively.

Edit: Sorry, you're right that was M83. Sigur Ros would have been much more fitting considering some of the footage was shot in Iceland though.

Wow. Really amazing and inspiring. This makes me start doing films for real. 

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★✰★Original★✰★'s picture

Cool... Inspiring for those that shoot with the 7D!

Omar Manigque's picture

Can someone please direct me to a tutorial on how to get that creamy effect on a video or still? It is used in a lot of the shots in this clip but most notably in the first minute of the video. It's sort of decreased contrast and masked with a cream color so that whites become almost like vanilla ice cream colored...almost like the Early Bird Effect on Instagram. 

Pier-Yves Menkhoff's picture

Another movie about Iceland. Yes, the movie is beautiful. However, it is the hundredth in the kind. To believe that there are in Iceland only Landscapes, Sigur Ros and the capricious person Björk.
Another thing which bothers me is the lie which surrounds this movie. We want to persuade us that the movie was only shot bt two persons with a Canon 7D and a Sigma Lens costed 2000 Euro. It is false. Already, the credits announce 5 persons.
This movie, as so many others, tries to make for us for the amateur side of the authors while the technical means and logistics are professional.
The authors forget to specify how they filmed the beginning of the short film with the shots with bike, the materials of recording, the numerous filters used in the editing, etc. The set is worth X time the value of the Canon and the Sigma.
No, the shot inside the car was not filmed with a Sigma 30 mm …
This movie is beautiful but it is a beautiful lie …

bambam bambi's picture

Hi, great shoot. I'm looking to upload footage shot on canon 5d mark ii and when i compress it for the web, i'm really getting nasty pixels in some shots. I'd seriously be thankful if you would tell me what compression you used for your upload - i've edited in fcp prores422, compressed in compressor - not looking great for web, good for dvd output but i need to upload it also. thanks guys!!