[Video] The Ultimate Strobist Backpack

Now despite the way this apparatus looks, it's actually something that has been discussed by major photo industry companies. Event photographers continually struggle with needing to have their lighting equipment in just the right spot while simultaneously needing to be somewhere else to get the shot. Even if they do get everything in place, seconds later they will need to somewhere else. In the current economic slump, not everyone can afford an assistant, so what can you do? Build yourself a strobist backpack, that's what.

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Abe Yoffe's picture

brilliant. love it.

david b's picture

NICE RESULTS and why not? I'm making a bts contest video about "The budget photographer" and everything looks stupid but it gives nice results so why not? (I'll upload my bts contest video next week)

Michael Battenberg's picture

Wow, major geek factor, yet brilliantly effective (and cheap). I'd certainly be careful which part of town I wore it in, and would definitely be wary of high winds. Oh, and if I met the girl of my dreams while wearing it, I'd better take a great portrait to compensate.

Nicholas Smith's picture

You know what, Strobist Jetpack works for me. I'd buy that for a dollar (converted to UK pound.)

Brian McCarthy's picture

Geeky. Yes. Ridiculous. Yes.  Ingenious. Yes. 

In the end it's all about getting it done.  And this fits the bill.

lol wow :)

That's too awesome!

This is HILARIOUS !!! :DD
Good job, man. :)

corkie's picture

My laugh for the day, but the photos were amazing! Good job

Grzegorz Kornijów's picture

that's pretty awesome, reminds me about that guy from burning man and his mobile studio. shame it's so ridiculously looking (take that, newswear haters! :) but still, I love simplicity

Anders Dalsgaard's picture

That's a great addition to the fannypack. It's convinient, I'll give it that much, but so are sweatpants and I still would not leave my couch in a pair of those. This post should have a "please don't wear one of these" follow up...

Andreas Dalum Sahl's picture

If you put a smoke machine and a battery pack on it as well, it would be awesome! Your move, Lowepro/ThinkTank.. :)

Sean Lee's picture

this is seriously awesome, i'd buy one haha

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