[Video] What Does HD Video Look Like On The New Nikon D800?

Curious to see what video looks like on the new Nikon D800? Photographer, Sandro Miller gives us a sneak peak in this short-film he created using only the Nikon D800. See how he tackles all the different lighting and motion challenges in the video below.

UPDATE: Check out the behind the scenes video below. (Thanks - Nicholas Gonzalez!)

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Man i want that bmw and also that camera!

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Amazing video. Sandro rocked it. Shocked this seems better than the D4

Kudos to Anthony Arendt as well.

This is what occurs when a pro uses pro equipment. I wouldn't expect any novice to produce anything remotely close to this quality.

That was helluva good!

What a great time it is for independent filmmakers, photographers, and creativity. Definitely check out the bts!

Happy to see very natural looking images, night looks like night, the morning light looks like... morning light, etc. There is nothing artificial in there, probably by choice : excellent work, excellent tool. 

This video has too much drama for a promo video. The idea was to show camera's capabilities, but my attention is being directed otherwise. Something like a sample photo on Nikon site with a woman in front of Empire State Building. It was shot on July 1st when Empire State was lit with private lighting. Nikon had cameras as early as back then and were able to schedule their own light. Amazing!

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when it comes to "low-light performance" (still or video)

I'd rather have a ("current") Nikon in my hand...

this video proves why

I'm surprised that again for the D800 Chase Jarvis was ignored.... 

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Boring video with a silly script.

Great quality of video though.  8-)

I think it should have been color graded, so that we can see how far you can push the codec.  It is 4:2:2 out of the HDMI, so it should be good, but I just like something this professional to get graded as a film would.  Take the C300 short, out in the desert, looked very much like film, and I was very impressed. 

What do you guys think?

Not bad for the price point.  However like Dragos I would say more post work e.g. a full color grading would really have been a better example of the camera's true video capabilities.

Enjoyed the video even though the plot didn't really make much sense, and did they really need to show him delivering a baby to prove that the camera can handle it? 

Thanks for posting the BTS video, Nikon shows us prospective D800 buyers that normal consumers can also create video exactly like this once the camera comes out... Canon and Laforet did a much better job with "Reverie," other than the helicopter shot, a small crew could (and did) make a video just like that. Plus Laforet had a solid script while still showcasing the technical capabilities of the 5Dm2.

Does the Nikon come with all the rigs? hahaha.
Enough Nikon ads on this blog. PLEASE!!!!

wow, i really like

Very well done!!!! What a story it conveys