Vimeo Winner: How To Tell A Story With Only Photos

One thing I love about having an Vimeo account is the great videos they recommend checking out. Back in Oct 2010, the first ever Vimeo Awards was held, and the winners for over 9 categories were announced. None of the winning videos are directly related to photography but the winning narrative Thrush by Gabriel Bisset-Smith was created entirely from still images. It's pretty entertaining and it really opens the gates to what is possible now that we are all documenting our lives pretty much everyday. I have to believe that all of these shots were staged, and if so Gabriel did a great job capturing all these frames and making such a unique video.

Thrush from Gabriel Bisset-Smith on Vimeo.

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Absolutely brilliant !!!



Very well written!

AaaaaMAzing !!

Well done. The story had me captivated to the end and the photos fit the storyline superbly.


Deserve to have the award

Quite stunning. wow the work involved. You watch and forget what it must have taken. A worthy award winner.

amazing idea of love in the time !

How did you do the voice over the music? Wonderful story telling!!!!

Awesome! Great job.