War Photographers' Story Makes It To The Big Screen

We have been getting a lot of emails about this movie called The Bang Bang Club which is based on real accounts of photojournalists during the South Africa apartheid. I'm sure the movie is going to be a big Hollywood blockbuster type of flick but it should be an interesting watch once it hits the screens on April 22nd. Check out the trailer below and read up on their story here.

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Eagerly waiting for this movie .. but i wonder if it will be ever screened in Nepal :( ...

that's a movie I gotta see even if I know it's going to be hard..

wonder how the movie portrays photographers - on another note. must see.


It reminds me of the song by Manic Street Preachers called Kevin Carter. Here is a short docu-clip about one scene: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FC7UyAN-jrY

I have been looking into Kevin Carter a bit lately. I have been meaning to by the doc on the Life of Kevin Carter.

The Kevin Carter documentary is well worth a watch. No so sure this will be!

The marketing dept for this movie are going to have an easy time of it with all that's going on in the middle east.

looks like a good movie to watch...lol would definitely watch this movie

-Cough- Will Navidson

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Okay so I have just watched it, it's a pretty heavy movie, pretty violent but with a strong story, and I liked it very much, thanks for posting it. Apart from the story, the videography and photography are very good also :)