What It Takes To Get "The Shot"

You feel butterflies in your stomach, adrenalin in your viens and joy in your heart. As a photographer this means you either just fell in love OR you just got, "the shot". Marc Montocchio of Occhioinc.com sent me his video of how he fell in love... no wait, of how he got the shot, shown below. Come to think of it, he does seem pretty obsessed with marlin so it's hard to tell either way.

Now, I know we stress you don't have to have expensive gear to be a good photographer. But as Marc talks about getting the frames needed to make the above, stitched together still, you can't help but be struck by how important a fast AF system and high fps are in these types of situations. So, for all you gear heads who want to know, Marc shoots with a Canon 1D Mark IV. Which he attached to this crazy rig...

...to get this cover shot and to make this video. Check out Marc's blog page if you want to hear how it took years for him to get what he envisioned in his head to what you see before you. Sometimes art takes time. Be persistent and stick with it readers, stick with it.

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Kenn Tam's picture

I'm really starting to cultivate a health dislike for this star rating system.  I know it was my idea but there are too many net trolls who like to shoot me in the foot with it. :)

Lee Morris's picture

The rating will go up... nobody has seen this yet :)

Nour El Refai's picture

The star rating idea is cool, it gives you an idea what viewers like more, and gives me an idea which posts that I just can't miss, this BTS video is awesome, I know how difficult this is, my father used to catch those Marlin fishes in the Red Sea, this one i captured on 1995 from the boat, I never thought that I someone could be in the water next to it :)

Lee Morris's picture

This is incredible. The concept, the execution, the quality of the BTS, and of course the finished photos are all amazing. The cover shot and the rig they built totally blew my mind as well. 

I am so impressed guys. Amazing work, and thank you so much for creating this video. 

Kenn Tam's picture

They are going to have another one out soon called, Getting The Shot: "Costa Rica".
Marc says, "We spent a lot more on production on that one and took a dedicated video crew with us."
Can't wait to see it.

Jason Peters's picture

"One or two sharks I can handle, but..."

Kenn Tam's picture

I know, right!? 
I was like, "What!?  Damn Marc's hardcore." :)

Shannon Wimberly's picture

oh wow!  amazing......very cool!

Simon's picture

Marc, you are brave and crazy, glad you got back to the boat.
Simon Fuller Cameraman

Phil Lagettie's picture

Great video, loved the passion & dedication to getting what you set out for!!

Ghislain Leduc's picture

Very well done! Great video, instructive, not a lot on the technic being used again.. but the video is quite interesting. I think that lots of people wants to show what they are doing but they don't want to give any secrets hahaha.

Quick question: Is there a reason why in the video he didn't correct the dirt spot in the lense? I'm sure it can be done in post processing right?

Kenn Tam's picture

Technical wise the whole thing was pretty simple apparently.  Marc was saying it was just him and his 1D mark IV (housed in an enclosure).  You can see from the video when he gets out of the water and hands off his camera, that it's all quite basic.  No crazy lighting set up or anything, just Marc, his camera, and his big nads.  :P

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Holy crap!  Shark! Jeez, "one or two sharks I can handle..."  The dude's ridiculous.  Awesome vid!

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jeez...i caught myself drawing my feet up on my sofa when the sharks arrived. Great behind the scenes video.  big up from Norway.  

Chris Dunn's picture

Marc's a really cool guy to talk to if you ever get a chance to visit his studio in Morehead City, NC. Growing up in South Africa he should be used to dealing with sharks.