10 Tips for Wedding Photographers From Pye Jirsa and Slanted Lens

Raise your hand if you've ever shot a wedding. Yeah, I know; most of us photographers at some point in our career have either dabbled in or have been full-time wedding photographers. For many, shooting weddings is the first time you get paid for your craft. If you're just getting started in the wedding industry, check out this video with Pye Jirsa from SLR Lounge and Jay P. Morgan from Slanted Lens as they discuss 10 tips for wedding photography.

When it comes to shooting weddings with a team, organization is key. Jirsa gives you some great advice for using websites and apps to help you keep your team on the same page and same time. Seriously, it helps so much when you sync your cameras together; you'll thank yourself later while editing. Another great tip is creating mood boards for your client. There are a ton of sites, and even Pinterest would be great for this. This helps you and your client have the same vision, so when it comes to the big day, they don't have to worry, and you can get their perfect shots. Also, do yourself a favor, and download Sun Seeker. When you're location scouting, you can use the app to see where the light will be to help you plan accordingly so you can find the best light on the wedding day. It will help you save time, and your couple will think you're a magician.

What are some other tips you have for keeping everything running smoothly on the wedding day? 

[via Slanted Lens]

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Patryk M's picture

Here is my 2 cents. I'm a professional wedding photographer with over 120 weddings in few years. He stated many great tips and they all work...I know this because I use them for all my weddings. One thing I strongly disagree with is. Never ever show your best images to everyone at the wedding.

The Bride & Groom should be the first ones to see any epic images. 2nd this should happen 2 weeks later after the wedding. This instant show of images takes away from the excitement and art of the business. After 2 weeks the clients are so excited to see their images for the first time.

This is my opinion deludes the images by showing them to early...especially your 5 star images. This is my personal experience and thats that.

But than again...I dont have my own show and 100 people working for me :) Thanks for the video and tips.