Behind The Scenes on a Trash The Dress Session

Remember Justin Wojtczak? If not, make sure you watch this video of Patrick surprising him with the news that he won the Fstoppers 2011 BTS Contest. Well Justin is back with his latest behind the scenes video. In this BTSV Justin takes a bride into a creek in the woods of Georgia and shows us how to shoot on a budget.

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Awesome guy with another helpful tutorial. 

On a side note, I'd really love a tutorial or video documentary of either Lee Morris or Patrick Hall, on how they juggle their day's work. That would be awesome.

Patrick Hall's picture might be a fortune teller :)

 I 2nd that, I would also like to see that as well Patrick.

Me 3. I want to see you guys at a wedding shoot. 

thanks, this guys are so didactic!!!

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thanks!  Good word choice. 

Curious what fog machine is used and if its a portable.

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Here is a link for one on amazon: 

Yes, it is portable.  We used a generator because out power pack was in use.  

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What kind of generator or power pack can be used with fog machine? 

"...shows us how to shoot on a budget."  Patrick, I get very frustrated with statements like this. 
 Then we are introduced to a video showing a whole crew/team working to accomplish the shot(s).  On a budget ...hmmm?

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collaboration ... $0

Patrick Hall's picture

I guess to me "on a budget" means free collaboration with a good team and less than a couple hundred dollars on accessories and overall production.  This shoot could be done with pretty much no budget at all.  

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No reason to get frustrated because there was no budget for this.  Wait, let me say we did spend .59 cents on the poster board, everything else such as smoke machine, hair and make up and the crew at 375 was done with no cost.  Justin and I spent about 5 hours planning this out and writing the script and then about 5 hours of shooting. Like Corey and Patrick, collaboration with my crew is priceless. 

This is a great video, and some excellent instruction here. I teach photo students and they arent stupid about knowing what gear they need for a shoot like this. I would really like to see an official gear list (with pricing) for this and tell me exactly how this is on a budget? (Even a rental budget for camera gear and with a paid crew is well over $500). Yes, 59 cents for a piece of cardboard but come on, there's $5k in gear shown in this video....and i wont mention the pricing for the video gear used. I'll start:
5d mark2 with grip, batteries, memory - $2500Sigma 70-200 - $1300Sigma 50 1.4 - $500580ex2 - $450PW flexTT5PW mini TT1wescott shoot-thru umbrella, with stand and clampsgenerator with gasolinefog machinehair/makeup person and crew (as stated below was $375)vehicles for 6+ people(trashed photographers pants, brides dress, grooms jeans, crew shoes, towels, LOL!)

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Some good images came out of the shoot. Not sure if the video editor has noticed or not but at 1:29 you have a frame jump with what looks like a edited clip that didn't get deleted properly and you have over a minute and a half of dead time at the end. I know it's nick picking but I find as a video editor small stuff like that can ruin videos for me.

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Bro-you are 100% right.  Thanks for the catching this!  

Video doesn't play for me, here or on Vimeo.

These guys are awesome and I did not even feel like they were doing a Sigma commercial!  Good stuff from 375!

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Some great info but WAAAAY too much product placement.

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Awesome video! This gave me some new ideas and inspiration. Great work guys!

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Ha, ha! Sigma with yellow signature. :D Sigma is not best choose.

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What would you choose is you were on a budget?  

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 @facebook-100001876457432:disqus : But they have offer good lenses with lower prices. For someone who cannot afford Canon L Lenses, they made other choices like this, i think it's a good choice :)

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Yovan-you right.  I did not want to break out all of our L series lenses and all of our other top of the line gear because for the majority of people, they don't have them.  

I wanted to do the shot with gear that any amateur photographer could get or rent.  Also, to show that you don't have to have all the latest and greatest gear to get amazing results.  

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Good informative BTS

Agreed with others - bit OTT on the brand names.
Nice to have the shoot info + lighting diagrams on the images.
ISO 1000 for the Silhouette ? That would be grainy as hell on older cameras.

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Can you give us the name of the app that you mentionned in the video about the sun ?

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Your after shot for the cardboard looks definitely retouched. The blacks are way deeper than the not retouched shot.

i cant aford sigma lenses, tamron its my choise