Free creativeLIVE Workshop: Learn Photo/Video Fusion this Weekend

Update: Live Now! As a wedding photographer myself, I think the most important thing any photographer can do for their business is adding video to their services. I met Rob and Vanessa earlier this year and was excited to hear they are teaching this new "Fusion" video/photo hybrid to other photographers. On June 29 - July 1, creativeLIVE is airing their 3 day workshop for free! Learn how you can easily incorporate video into your photography business from two of the industry's leaders.

Since our DSLR cameras have started filming video, Fusion has become a major business platform for wedding photographers and commercial photographers alike. Back before the term "Fusion" existed, Fstoppers was built upon this idea of photographers learning and using the video feature in their cameras to help grow and sell their own businesses. So you can imagine now important Lee and I feel about photographers embracing moving pictures just as they have the still photograph.

Rob and Vanessa Joy's class is going to focus on how you can start incorporating video into your work without becoming overwhelmed by the process. They will cover the video features offered in most DSLRs, some of the best gear to help facilitate good cinematography, editing software (including their own plugin for Photoshop), and ways to use video to upsell your wedding or portrait business. As always the creativeLIVE class is free to watch as it airs live June 29 - July 1st. If you want to buy the course to watch later, it only costs $99 now until the workshop kicks off, after which the download is still a reasonable $149.

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LOVING this creativeLIVE workshop so far. Not only are Vanessa Joy & Rob Adams ahead of the game with Photo + Video Fusion, they are extremely talented instructors as well! Bonus - ask your questions via our chatrooms when you watch from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection for FREE - only this weekend during the live event online! See you there! ~kenna

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tomorrow is a mock wedding tune in all

Patrick thanks for the tip .. The workshop was great, reinforcing some basic things, and teaching new tricks when shooting, and editing. Now add the page creativelive for future courses. Greetings to all fellow Fstoppers, now wait for you and Lee are encouraged to do a workshop, that I would lose either.