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The Most Awkward Wedding Photography Video Ever

The Most Awkward Wedding Photography Video Ever

As photographers, many of us will do the occasional wedding or two to help supplement income and boost our careers. Wedding photography can be one of the most stressful and challenging aspects of photography, but is often considered the most important because of its purpose. However, how do you handle an awkward situation where you're asked to stop photographing all together, in the middle of a ceremony?

In the video posted above, we see the officiant giving his blessings and speaking during a wedding ceremony. Seemingly out of nowhere, he turns around, and aggressively tells the photographer and videographer to stop doing their jobs, and go somewhere else. The worst part of it all however, is the look on the bride and grooms face, as this officiant makes everyone feel uncomfortable in the blink of an eye.

Certainly as wedding photographers, it's important for us to be like ninjas, and do our job as silently and nonobstructive as possible. But what happens when the officiant doesn't want a ninja, but someone nonexistent entirely?


[via SLRLounge]

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Lola's picture

Kamrul, if you want to be in a wedding business, having a telephoto lens is a must. This officiant is not THE only one who will not let you shoot in the aisle, behind him or anywhere close to the altar.

wendell's picture

You people that blame the photograher are tards. The photographer was clearly stunned at what was going on it took him a couple seconds to realise the priest was talking to them. The couple was stunned as well. It's about the couple and God not the stupid priest.

Louise's picture

The photographer should have known his place and the priest should have been more "eloquent"...

Guest's picture

It doesn't even matter who the priest was talking to. He was rude and unprofessional. I don't even care what what going on behind him (it could have been a party for heaven sake!) a professional he needed to handle it differently. Regardless of what the photographer might have done or not done it doesn't matter (its how the priest drew attention to the matter and STOPPED the ceremony to do it!) We wouldn't be having this discussion and no one would even know about this had he continued to perform his duty as priest (as he was hired to do) There are distractions in EVERY wedding, crying babies, honking cars, things get dropped, family members who are want to be photographers, service staff working in the back, weather, planes overhead the list goes on! For him to go off on anyone is incredibly unprofessional! Imagine what this discussion would look like if he had yelled at a mom with a crying baby! If this is an issue for him to be able to perform the service he was hired to do...then he should have included it in his contract with bride and groom...not power play with the photographer. And even then no matter what happens he needs to pull it together....its the right thing to do. Priest in in the wrong here. End of story!

Jr Miller's picture

This...always talk to them asap before the ceremony starts.

Kamrul Hasan's picture

I did speak him before, he told me not come in the aisle,
but when he started to argue I was actually at the back shooting with my 70-200
mm. He did not warn bride and groom before. Everybody including bride and groom
was socked with his behavior. After the ceremony everyone came up and thanked
me to be cool. No one at the ceremony was happy with his strange behavior.

Ale Vidal's picture

I totally agree with you. I made many wedding, and I'm used to explain my kind of job to the officiant, telling in advance that I will try to be as less intrusive as possible. Never had a situation like this

David Neitz's picture

Another reason why I dislike "Priests" so much.This video makes me so angry. If I were the Groom I would have lost my sh*t.

Marlon Correa's picture

Exactly, especially if YOU'RE the one that hired them. It's not like they were walking by and stop to shoot a random wedding.

jerry tosh's picture

RIGHT @marloncorrea:disqus !

Akeem Casey's picture

Bride and groom are paying them to do a job....they should have told him to shut up and do his job

Nikola Milasevic's picture

Amen to that brother!

Dan Zahra's picture

As I would have!

Yuuzhan's picture

As a Christian I am gonna say I bet they didnt because they were taught to obey their priest prob from childhood. Unfortunately it happens in some of the more extreme churches. They prob didnt dare talk back to him, which is a shame.

Norm Cooper's picture

during he beginning frame you can here the photog rattling off a barrage of shots, maybe following the "spray and pray" advice... and at what, the back of the officiator's head? So I think the photog caused the ruckus and the por videographer was stuck in the crossfire

Ben Mitchell's picture

I have to agree with you here, you can even see the groom and bride both look to their right just as the pastor is starting to turn. I'm thinking that the photog set off that firestorm.

Robert Pilla's picture

sounds like the guy was rattling off an AK-47. I would venture a guess if he shot one frame and move on, none of this would have happened. fauxtograpghers should not be allowed to work a wedding.

Spray and Pray's picture

I think people missed on what may have started it though. Firing enough to fill your buffer. We only see when the priest snapped. I want to see 2 minutes before, if he actually fired enough to get him agitated.

Noam Galai's picture

This guy cant be more annoying. If it was my wedding i would sue him.... they hired them to shoot it, they hired them to be there and document the ceremony. He can't just make them stop because he feels like it. And even if he decide to make them leave - he can be way nicer.

Lorenzo P's picture

I agree with you on this 100%

Leslie C.'s picture

I am actually surprised that the videographer was able to set up right behind the officiant. They should have been at a "safe" distance.

Pavel Backa's picture

I do weddings and I always ask where can I be, or not. This is basic think.
If I would be the pastor I would maybe do the same thing. What do we know, maybe they talked to him before and he said them where to be or not ;).

So this is fault of photographers/videographers. I think :)

Bart van Overbeeke's picture

There is something to say for both, but I feel with the officiant - although outside, it is a church-wedding and you have to respect certain things - like not standing at his back so close for a longer time.

Then, if you did not see this coming, fine. But when he turns around and asks, YOU the get the hell out immediately, you don't start a discussion and keep asking, what? why? You the professional are prolonging the situation unneccessarily‎.

Justin Haugen's picture

He thinks he is bigger than the event. Egotistical.

Andy Hardin's picture


Eric Duminil's picture

Everybody here seems to agree about the officiant.

I really think the photog is an idiot for shooting many bursts at 5fps right next to the priest, bride and groom, during a moment that doesn't seem so important. It sounds like a machine gun.

If he really wants to take a shot of this scene : he could wait with prefocus, use quiet mode, wait for some reaction from the bride and groom, and shoot. If he misses it : too bad, there will be more important moments. If he really wants to use "spray and pray" at 5fps, he could do so while music is playing or while everybody is cheering. It's just rude otherwise.

If he really wants to get some attention, he'll need it during formals and groups.

Finally, there are some (much) quieter cameras out there. X100s is basically silent.

Jon Sharman's picture


The photographer was way too close and was shooting way too many shots of nothing.

Kamrul Hasan's picture

I wasn't too close.

muellerworks's picture

You were too close. You shouldn't have been visible to the audience. From their perspective, they see the bride, the groom, the officiant and a clusterf#ck of photogs up on the stage. If I was told I couldn't be in the aisle, then I would ascertain that the priest probably didn't want me right behind him. With that said, how the priest handled it was abominable.

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