Videographer Captures Couple Narrowly Escaping Falling Tree Branch, Includes It in Wedding Video

What looks like a perfectly wonderful wedding day full of happiness and love was almost ruined by a tree that tried to throw one of its branches right on top of the couple. Trees are so rude. Luckily, the newlyweds escaped just in time, and the videographer captured the entire sequence.

Coming to you from F&J Productions is this video of newlyweds who barely escaped a rather large falling tree branch. F&J did a great job of taking the footage that was harrowing but unrelated to the point of the day and cutting it into the middle of the video teaser, ducking the sentimental music and fading it back in, creating a rather humorous interlude out of the whole thing. Be sure to watch it again and look for the man in the background who tries to run to help, but seems to need a bit of help himself. You can see just how big the branch was and how close it came in the video below:

I'm glad the couple was ok; it looks like the rest of the day was quite beautiful! Be sure to check out F&J Productions' Facebook page for more of their work, though I can't guarantee more rude trees.

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Alex Cooke is a Cleveland-based portrait, events, and landscape photographer. He holds an M.S. in Applied Mathematics and a doctorate in Music Composition. He is also an avid equestrian.

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Close shave it was.

"Our love will forever be stronger than that tree". Comedy gold right there!

Way to help get your bride out of the way!

For those times when you’re newly married but simply not that attached yet. 😂

Perhaps she's a strong woman who can fend for herself and not some weak ass damsel in distress. Kudos to her!

Not very chivalrous to just leg it leaving the bride to fend for herself :-)


Jeff & imagei, I agree with you 1000%. Didn’t even grab her hand or arm to pull her out of the way!!! There goes that life time commitment!

She didn't exactly throw him over her shoulder to carry him away from danger either.

That was really close!

Wait so who shot the video? I cant find their watermark anywhere

Stop rippin' on them for not protecting each other and putting bad mojo out in the universe for their marriage. They both successfully fended for themselves as any individual would. At the time of video, they'd been married for a about a blink of an eye. The kind of care and love that it takes to train your reflexes to ignore the biological self-protection response and put yourself in harms way to protect another is a practiced and learned skill and response that happens over time. It's why soldiers and first responders train, train and train some more. You just can't expect a new couple and any young person to possess that kind of advanced reflexes on the first day of their marriage (unless they've been training for it!)

My suggestion is for all of you who are posting negative comments to use this as a learning experience and start questioning if you think you have the developed, close enough connection and nurtured relationship for you to take a bullet or push your loved ones away from a falling tree or out of the way of a bus. Most likely, you don't, and I recommend spending your time developing that with your significant other or family, rather than spending your time trolling the interwebs.

Wishing the couple peace and happiness for all their days ahead!

Don't defend him; he chickened out and ran, there is no point in finding excuses for him

She ran too, and escaped just fine without him... so what's your point?

So crazy! Glad they were okay and were able to poke fun at it after.

Hope that guy in the back is ok too. May have a broken ankle.