The Wednesday Rundown 5.16.12

The Wednesday Rundown 5.16.12

Howdy everyone and welcome to the Wednesday Rundown. This week Albert Manduca shows us how he gets it done in the studio with two beautiful models. We also have a great psychology concept shoot that was executed underwater. If you have a great and informative video you want to see in the Wednesday Rundown please shoot me an email .

Studio Shoot:

Take a behind the scenes look with Albert Manduca, as he shoots two beautiful woman. Albert shows us the steps of the models getting ready and his alien bee lighting setup. Final shots are spot on, check it out.

Photoshoot at Colada Studios - Behind the scenes.. from Albert Manduca on Vimeo.

Lifestyle Shoot:

Leo Bojesen shows us his behind the scenes on a very nature themed lifestyle shoot. Shoot was done at Clumber Park, England.

Psychology Shoot Concept:

In my former college years I took several psych classes and love it. This shoot is based around the story of narcissism and looking at your own reflect. The team also explains how they worked around a pocket wizard and water issues. Great concept and execution.

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When shooting portrait photography - what is the best Aperture to use? I have a canon 35mm 1.4 and canon 50mm 1.2 and i always fight over which lens to use, and what Aperture to use to get great shots.

RUSS's picture

 use both lenses, use many apertures on each lens, and find out for yourself what works best for you :-)

Dale Richards's picture

 I am sure the trolls are going to have a feast on this comment!

But as a rule of thumb larger apertures normally produce more pleasing portraits. The 50mm 1.2 is killer for portraits!

Also if you've got the cash buy or rent an 85mm 1.2, even the 1.8 is a kick-ass lens!

i do have 85 1.8 - i guess i do not have the right settings? i normally shoot iso that is less then 400. the problem with larger aperture is the camera focuses on such narrow area - that rest of the image is blurred. yeah if i was doing some speciality shots that looks good - but for portrait...the whole face needs to be in i doing something wrong?

Max Leitner's picture

studio 125th at f8, outside depending on your style. I shoot quite often at 1.8 sometimes at f4. with your lens I would use the shallow DOF and shoot 1.4-2.8

Gary Zin's picture

This is an excellent shoot.  Very creative.  I like it.  Kudos to all involved.

George Socka's picture

It continues to baffle me that "people" say "buy a 1.5, 1.2 etc", and then say to "shoot at f8" anyway Why spemnd the extra $1000 ( in canon terms 70-200 f2.8 vs 70-200 f4)

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Ero's picture

Very nice BTS, nice locations, nice family, BUT... where is final images ??? 

Best wishes

A very naive way too shoot underwater!!! have a look at some results of underwater images here:

Martin Beebee's picture

While it's fun to see videos of photographers taking pictures, as BTS videos, they're pretty useless. The nature-inspired lifestyle shoot was nice-looking, but ultimately little more than a promo piece. Not sure it was really worthy of a Wednesday Rundown spot, considering there was essentially no information on actual photography.