20% Deposit Reserves Your Spot At Fstoppers Workshop Atlantis

On February 1st we are choosing 1 person who has paid for their classes at the Fstoppers Workshop in the Bahamas from May 28th - June 1st, and giving them a full refund. If you are planning to come to the workshop, you will need to pay within the next 4 days to take advantage of this contest, and now it only requires a 20% deposit.

We only have 150-200 seats available for this workshop and over 350 people have registered for the event BUT only 43 people have actually paid at this point. If the contest ended today, you would have a 1 in 43 chance of getting all of your classes for free.

Being that the workshop is still quite a ways away (May 28th - June 1st) I know many of you have planned on purchasing your tickets in a few months. Some of you may still be saving up your money for the event. If you would like to reserve your classes now, and take part in the contest, you may want to take advantage of our 20% deposit program. Basically you can pay just 20% of the cost of your classes today and pay the balance later. Email Lauren Jonas at Lauren@fstoppers.com or call the Fstoppers office at 843.203.3996 and we will personally help you reserve your space. If you have any questions about the workshop I would also be happy to personally speak with you, just give us a ring.

For more info about our workshop head over to www.fstoppersworkshops.com and watch the video below.

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Gary Winchester Martin's picture

The next 10 people that sign up for the RGG Photo workshop with Rob Grimm will also receive a free Black Rapids Camera Sling for FREE! Check it out on our FB page and don't forget to enter the Fstoppers giveaway. This is one helluva a deal. We will see you down there. https://www.facebook.com/rggphoto?ref=hl

Daniel S's picture

Is this post only for contest #2 (refund on registered classed) or also for contest #1?

Lee Morris's picture

If you put down 20% you will be eligible to win contest 2 (refund for all classes purchased). To sign up for contest one you simply have to comment or share and it will be a random drawing.

Daniel S's picture

Thanks for clarifying, Lee. On this post, it seems like you have to pay in order to be eligible for the whole thing. However, on the original contest post it's clear that only one of them requires the deposit.

You guys have done a lot of good and I'm glad to see how much this venture has grown in such a short time. I know it was no cake walk. Keep banking doing what you love!

steve carrillo's picture

When I get my income tax return, gentlemen...