Fstoppers Workshops 2015 Dates Announced

We are currently finalizing all of the instructors for Fstoppers Workshops 2015 which will be held once again at Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas. The next event will take place from May 13-17 2015. Check out our quick promo to see a glimpse of this years event. 

To read a little bit about the creation of this workshop, check out this post I wrote about it a couple months back. If you would like to be updated once instructors are announced and workshops go on sale, join our mailing list at FstoppersWorkshops.com

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I can't wait to see who all the instructors are!

Austin Burke's picture

I thought the plan was to change the location yearly? I'm not complaining though as I missed out on the 2014 workshop and don't mind going to the Bahamas. Will surely be saving up for this one (along with Masters in Motion in December). Hopefully by then I can up my skill a little bit more and figure out what exact classes I would want to take.

Also how was flying the phantom out there? Recently picked one up a month ago and have been loving the thing. Seems like you could get some cool shots with it in the Bahamas.

We may change locations in 2016

Landon Wise's picture

It kills me that once again it is scheduled during peak wedding season!

John White's picture

Not sure about your area, but mid-May is far from wedding season in the Midwest. Mid July and June are much worse.

Ya we don't like it either but if we do it later it becomes hurricane season and if we do it earlier the price of the rooms almost double for everyone.

Chris Valites's picture

Since this is during my birthday, that means I get to go to free, right?

I'll buy you a drink down there :)

will you ever do tutorial videos of the workshops?

Probably not. Live workshops do not make good videos. Too much hands on for students.

Vince Smith's picture

Sooo glad you guys got the date out early now I know I need to start saving NOW...didn't make it this year

Hmmmm, I may have to take a few days off work... I live in FL so this would actually be a cheap trip for me, cheaper than flying to Vegas or something.

How much gear do most people bring? Could I get away with just a camera body and a couple lenses? Customs in the Bahamas has always given me such a hard time, I don't want to add to it.

That's perfect for most classes. If you do wedding stuff you will want a strobe as well.