Is Beyoncé's Twins Reveal Image Any Good?

When it comes to deciding how good a particular image is, there are three aspects that I think are most important: composition, lighting, and colors. These three properties could be described as the technical attributes of an image. There are those who have compared this image to The Birth of Venus and the Virgin Mary, based on a number of styling choices, one can see some similarities.

11 Free Apps I Couldn't Live Without as a Photographer

This is not your typical list of must have photography apps — no Snapchat, Instagram, or Photoshop here. Although you might not have heard of many of the names I'm about to recommend to you, each one has earned its place on my phone because it plays a part in making my life as a photographer much easier.

Behind the Scenes With the Stunt Coordinator of the 'Atomic Blonde' Movie

Fight stunts are not something that I'm into when shooting video, but I'm always curious how the pros do them. In this video the stunt coordinator of the "Atomic Blonde" movie, Sam Hargrave, breaks down how the fight moves were choreographed. Not only that, but being a second unit director, he also gives insight of how they shot and cut the footage from these scenes.

How to Use Selective Color as a Finishing Touch on Your Photos

Getting colors that are vibrant and pop without being gaudy is a challenge in which many landscape photographers are constantly engaged. This helpful tutorial shows you how to use selective color adjustment layers to subtly give your images that desired look.

How to Clean Your Camera's Sensor

One of the critical things for your camera is to keep the sensor clean. Dust floats around almost everywhere; Once it gets inside your camera it can cause major problems and will cause more work for you in postproduction trying to remove the spots in your photos.

Improve Your Photo Compositions With Simplification and Negative Space

Both Mozart and Debussy said that music is the space between notes, alluding to the fact that sound is meaningless without silence to contextualize it. There is of course a visual analog, and considering and incorporating it carefully into your images can vastly improve the impact of your compositions.

How to Plan a Successful Photography Dronetrip

In this article, we'll go through the best sources of inspiration to plan a successful photography drone trip to a place you have never been to before. This is not an easy task, as unlike landscape photography, not everything has been photographed from a drone point of view, so just searching the usual photo sites doesn't always give you good results. It's also difficult because not every scene that works from eye level will work from a drone's perspective. It is vital to plan as much as possible to avoid disappointment and maximize the chances of coming home with some nice pictures. We'll also look at the results of the trip's expectations versus reality.

Is Modern Technology Killing Our Lenses?

With every new lens release we get bombarded with wild claims of “sharpest lens ever” and “bokeh so soft you’ll want to lie down in it.” A barrage of MTF charts and comparisons flood the web and debates rage in forums about which lens is better than which. Opinions fly and the knowledgeable and no so knowledgeable lock horns. But what if there were something other than sharpness that we could be looking at to discover a lens’ optical quality. Just what does a high element count with a few ED elements do to the resulting images?

Advice for Working With Animals on Set

Photographing kids can sometimes be difficult, and even some adults can present challenges during a photoshoot. Shooting animals can present similar challenges along with whole new ones you may not have thought of before. Whether or not the animal is professionally trained to be in front of the camera, you need to be prepared.

What's Been in a Photographer's Bag Over a 30-Year Span

We've all see those "what's in my bag" videos on YouTube, but this one was particularly interesting to me, as it's a fun walk through camera history. Check out how one professional landscape photographer's gear bag has evolved over the course of three decades.

YouTube Video Editor is Being Discontinued
According to a recent post in the Google product forum made by YouTube Community Manager Marissa, the company will be shutting down its Video Editor and Photo Slideshows on September 20th, 2017 due to low usage.

10 Things I Learned Shooting My First Professional Baseball Game

"Keep your head down and always know where the ball is. It hurts when you get hit." And with that, I was off and running. Here's what it was like stepping out of portraits and events and into the world of professional sports photography.

The Key to Becoming a Great Photographer Is Patience

Nothing happens overnight, and this is especially true when it comes to photography. Photography is a craft that takes years to master, which is one reason why there are few people that become successful. So many people pick up a camera and expect their careers to take off the next day, which isn’t realistic. In order to become great, you must first become patient. Don’t compete against the clock, success will happen in its own time. Slow and steady wins the race. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you are feeling impatient with your work.

Philbrick Photography's Literal Cliff-Hanging Wedding Photos

Forget "shotgun wedding," Jay Philbrick brings us literal cliff-hanging wedding photos that take more than a little preparation. Jay knew about the Cathedral Ledge at Echo Lake State Park in North Conway, New Hampshire because of his many years as a climbing guide there. Jay says that only two of their couples have been climbers, and this couple was not one of them.

Easily Balance Flash With Natural Light

There are plenty of reasons you may want to blend natural light with flash. I know I rarely shoot with more than one strobe on location so the ambient light often acts as a fill light or rim light. Regardless of your reason to do so, knowing how to easily achieve this is extremely important. Check out this video where I explain my process for balancing strobes with natural light on location.

Try Laying in the Dirt for Your Next Outdoor Session

You've probably seen some pretty comical behind-the-scenes images of the kinds of positions photographers put themselves in just to get a shot. They climb trees, hang off cliffs, stand in the middle of rivers, lay down in the dirt, all just to frame up that perfect shot. Well there's almost always a reason behind the madness and sometimes those reasons end up having a much bigger impact than most people might expect. Sometimes it's about getting a really intriguing angle on a particular subject, but I find myself laying in the dirt quite a lot just so I can create a composition that carries more depth. Let's compare a couple different shots that can help make some sense of this.

How You Can Improve Confidence as a Photographer

Have you ever considered how significantly confidence can affect your photography? Creative people are often a largely unconfident group. At any given time we might be dealing with the fear of missing an important moment, anxiously thinking about an upcoming session, running the worst possible scenarios through our minds, or delivering our photos to a client and dreading that email that says how much they hate them. We are still in the process of improving, constantly comparing our work to others, and because of the number of negative thoughts we have, we often feel like frauds.

Save 40% on Alien Skin Products Including Exposure X2

A few weeks ago I shared my review of Alien Skin Exposure X2, and I was amazed by how efficient it is. Not only is it an amazingly powerful tool when used as a plugin for Photoshop or Lightroom, but it’s also very convincing as a raw processing software. Until the 24th of July, the app is becoming even more attractive as it’s now available with a 40% discount!

Photographer Asking for $75 Million in Copyright Lawsuit Against Procter & Gamble

Procter & Gamble is a household name with nearly 100 brands and associated products under its wings. Tide detergent, Pampers diapers, Bounty paper towels, and the skincare brand, Olay, are all owned by P&G. Marketing these brands has also earned P&G the title of the world's highest-spending marketer (the brand spent over $18 billion last year on promotions, nearly $10 billion of which went toward advertising). P&G certainly has the budget to pay for licensing photography, but apparently lacks the will to do so according to accusations brought by Cincinnati-based photographer, Annette Navarro, who is suing the company for $75 million.

Adobe Looks to Improve Lightroom's Abysmal Performance With Version 2015.12

Recently, Adobe sent out a survey to users inquiring about their most common performance gripes in relation to Lightroom's notoriously sluggish behavior, even on high spec computers. Today, Adobe has released a new update to Lightroom that is meant to address some of these performance concerns. We quickly installed it to see if any of Adobe's claims are true.

Amazon Pulls the Old Bait and Switch With Their Unlimited Storage Plan

Last year Team Stuart was faced with a big storage problem. Our 9-plus terabytes of photos were a few weddings away from out growing their 10 terabytes of storage. This meant we needed to shell out a bunch of money for more hard drives to even think about storing more photos. Money that I didn't have, especially considering we'd need a whole new NAS setup. That is when I made the bold decision to forgo on-site storage and move to the cloud. In retrospect, it may have been a big waste of time.

When Marketing Your Photography, Always Keep the Audience in Mind

These days, there are endless ways to get your images in front of clients, and it is more important than ever to put your best foot forward at all times. A tight and well curated portfolio is absolutely essential; trimming the fat and staying true to your brand. But keeping a consistent brand and level of presentation isn’t the same as duplicating your presentation, and to best reach your intended audience requires consideration of the end-user experience.

How to Upload Content Older Than 24 Hours to Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories have become more and more attractive with the latest features such as the tag- and location-based stories. People seem to enjoy these features, and they can drive more potential followers to your account. However, quality content, even in Stories, remains king; and posting a video or a photo that stands out can really make a difference in bringing more followers to your page. As photographers or videographers, we truly have a massive advantage in producing great content that people want to see. So in this article, I’ll show you how to post your amazing work to your Story even if said content is older than 24 hours.

A False Reality Brought to Life: 'Perspective'

I watched this video this morning thinking it was going to be something weird, and surely enough, it was just weird enough to catch my attention. Day after day, we all live in this crazy world where everything eventually just becomes so common — our commutes to work, our daily routines, the things we see and so much more. Watching this video made me smile and think, "What if we saw things differently for a day?" "Perspective" is a video that, in less than two minutes, really entertains the mind. While we already know none of this is possible, this video still allows us to envision the strange, false reality it creates.

Levitating Bird or Camera's Frame Rate Perfectly Synced With Bird's Wings

As long as humans have known birds, they have also known that they fly. But apparently, some of them could levitate — or at least that’s what a recent viral video on YouTube seems to suggest. How amazing is it to capture a floating bird? Let’s have a look!

Luxury Photo Print Product with an Affordabale Price Tag

Ever since my childhood, there has been a connection to the old world. The look and feel of maps, an alidade, a sextant, and a sailor's log book were just a few of the things that were thought of when my own company's brand was being developed. However, there was always something missing to truly meld the old world with new world products until I found a fine art display that not only awakened that connection but also did not break the bank.