What Happened to Apple's 'Why'?

If you spend any time on the Internet, then you’ve probably seen by now that Apple announced their long-awaited updates to the MacBook Pro during an event at their campus in Cupertino. Spend a little more time on the Internet and you’re sure to see the plethora of articles pointing out how Apple seems to become less and less innovative as years go by, many even pointing to Microsoft as a great example of innovation with their really fantastic Surface Pro line of portable computers and the newly announced Surface Studio. Microsoft more innovative and creative than Apple? Let’s dig in and figure out what happened.

The Future of Photography

According to my extensive research (Back to the Future Part One, Two, and Three), we should be in an age of flying cars, sneakers with power-laces, and hoverboards by now. We all know that life often imitates art, but let’s expand on that for a moment and take a stab at how photography may advance in the future.

Fstoppers Interviews Photographer Who Recreates Your Childhood Nightmares

Once upon a dark and stormy night, the chills ran up my spine as I clicked the mouse, seconds seemed more like minutes while I nervously awaited for the page to load. Ok well it wasn't that dramatic, however I'd be lying if I didn't say Horror Photographer Joshua Hoffine's work didn't give me the heebie-jeebies. A VFX friend of mine shared some of this photographer's work on Facebook and I immediately had to find out who this guy behind the scary photos was. I got a hold of Joshua after asking him if I could interview him and his process for Fstoppers. Then I almost peed my pants, being an old school horror film buff I was pretty excited to share some of his work! This guy puts some serious work into his scenes and it's not only something to be truly admired, however also pretty unique in the rat race of photographers now a days.

Refugee Crisis Hits Home With Arrest of Famous 'Afghan Girl'

In the history of modern portraiture, few images have stuck in the collective consciousness of the photography world as firmly as the "Afghan Girl" portrait by Steve McCurry. The photo, taken in 1984 in the Nasir Bagh refugee camp, has become a lasting portrayal of innocence in a heartbreaking circumstance, as relevant today as it was over 30 years ago.

The Photokina That Was: Five Trends from the Photography Industry's Most Important Trade Fair

Photokina is a juggernaut. Held every two years since 1966 (intermittently before that beginning in 1950), it has long become one of the largest, and arguably the single most important trade fair in the photo industry. Two years is a short enough interval to not miss larger trends, yet long enough to skip over fads, so the biannual trade show offers valuable snapshots that help us understand where the industry at large is moving. Photokina 2016 closed almost four weeks ago. Enough time has passed for things to sink in, so let's look back and contemplate what the most notable trends from this year's show were.

Canon Offering Limited Time Only 15 Percent Off Refurbished Lenses With Coupon Code

I don't care much for Halloween; as a miserable Brit, it's all a bit odd to me. However, if Canon is going to offer a 15 percent off coupon code, I'll dress up in costume (read I'll wear a hat or non-matching socks) and celebrate with the best of you. The code is at the bottom of the page; please pretend to read my words while en route to it. I'll know if you don't.

Apple's Design Language, 3D Touch, Touch Bar, and Dongles

I've never owned a Mac computer, I've always been a Windows guy. I do keep up with Apple because I love technology and I couldn't live without my iPhone and iPad. Everyone tells me I should switch to a Mac but once again I'm glad that I haven't.

Male Boudoir: The Ever Changing Definition of This Art Form

Boudoir photography is not a modern concept nor is the evolution of its ever changing look. Throughout history there has been a desire to paint or photograph the human form. As the genre moves forward from early Renaissance painters, the works of Aurther Allen in the 1920s, to today with the modern day version of bodyscaping, there has been and will always be a fine line of the differences of how people view the boudoir art form.

Apple Launches a Thinner MacBook Pro With OLED Touch Bar

Since 2012, when the Apple Retina MacBook Pro’s introduction set a new standard for laptop displays and did away with the DVD drive, not much has changed in the way of your standard laptop — especially for Apple. Four years before that, Apple simply moved to the now-ubiquitous unibody design. But after well over a year since the last refresh, Apple is back with a generational update that millions have not-so-patiently awaited. It’s about time. Let’s jump right in with the newest features of the latest Apple MacBook Pro range.

Verifly: Affordable, Easy-to-Use Insurance for Aerial Photographers, Videographers, and Hobbyists

While there are many insurance companies that are out there for photographers and drone pilots, Verifly is the first drone liability insurance company that protects pilots and allows them to pay on demand. I recently interviewed Verifly CEO Jay Bregman to find out more about his new company and what they are doing to help drone pilots all around the country. One of the first things you will see about Verifly is that they cover up to $1,000,000 in liability within a flight radius of a quarter of a mile with any drone under 15 pounds. All operators have to do is select their area, after which they are instantly approved and provided with on-the-spot insurance to fly and proof of coverage to show to anyone who needs to see it.

Breaking Down Your Scenes Into Zones for Color Correction on Video

With the advancement and affordability of video technology available to consumers now, the number of budding and aspiring film and video makers has seemingly raised exponentially. One of those advancements has most definitely been in regards to how the color correction process is handled. There's certainly no one path to success sort of idea with this either, but there are some things that you can do to help simplify and organize your process in order to work quicker and more efficiently.

Five Strategies to Protect Yourself From Losing Camera Gear

Photographers love gear, so we tend to get somewhat upset when gear goes missing. Not only is gear quite expensive, but it often worms its way into our hearts. Our gear often becomes a pride and joy. As a result we want to avoid losing gear as much as humanly possible. Here are some of my favorite strategies for making sure that all my gear comes home with me after every shoot.

The Venture TTL 600 Strobe Competes With the Profoto B1 at Half the Cost

For anyone who appreciates the use of flash, there comes a point in photography work when you want more power than a standard speedlite can offer. Many strobe options provide more power, but require you to be tied up to power outlets. Few strobes offer a simple portable lighting option. Many would contend the Profoto B1 is currently the best self contained portable strobe on the market. That may be changing with Impact's newly released strobe, the Venture TTL 600.

Fashion Photographer Amber Goetz

Stumbling upon a recent article reminded me that this is a question I wanted to ask here on Fstoppers. In my expertise and knowledge there is an absolute need for filters in certain industries of photography and if you're attempting a certain look. For instance a few friends of mine that also work for my wedding photography company do some off road coverage, for them I'd say it's pretty crucial to have a filter on their lenses to protect as much as possible as high speed off road vehicles and dirtbikes fly past them with the potential of tossing a few hundred rocks their way daily.

Is Photography Dead?

If what we read on the internet is to be believed (and who doesn’t believe everything they read on the Internet?) film is definitely not dead. But for a debate which has been raging for well over a decade, I can’t help but wonder whether the wrong question is being posed. Is it not photography itself, rather than film, which has been dying a slow death in front of our very eyes?

Sweden's Highest Court Rules Camera-Equipped Drones Illegal

Bad news for drone owners in Sweden! The country has now effectively ban camera drones in its airspace. And if you thought you could bring your drone on your next trip to Sweden, well you better think twice unless you’ve got a permit.

Why I Can't Use a Mirrorless Camera Professionally

Here's the truth. Until recently, I thought professionals using mirrorless cameras were a joke. I grew up in the days of film. Got my hands dirty in the darkroom. Had a Canon A1 and F1 in my camera collection, plus learned on others like a Pentax 35mm as well. Feeling the weight of the camera in my hands and hearing the sound of the mirror slap was part of the joy of photography for me. Pun entirely intended.

Four Powerful Capture One Features to Supercharge Your Photography Workflow

Capture One doesn’t need to be introduced anymore. It’s Phase One's professional raw converter, and it has grown into a very compelling Lightroom alternative over the past few years. The software is meant to develop raw files, but it can do much more. Its usage doesn’t have to stop at simple exposure and contrast tweaks. Let’s see how we can unleash its full potential and, as Phase One likes to phrase it, experience the ultimate image quality.

Photographer Seeks Live Organ Donor for Life-Saving Transplant

With the holiday season gradually approaching, most of us are beginning to think about our holiday wish lists. For one California-based photographer, a kidney is at the top of that list. Fstoppers recently had the opportunity to interview Michael Anthony Hermogeno and ask him a few questions about his photography career and unique medical condition that leaves him seeking an organ donor.

Take Advantage of Free Courses During LinkedIn's 'Week of Learning'

It's already Tuesday, but if you're like me – always open to sponge up as much learning and information as possible – you'll still be in time to get on with a free course on LinkedIn through their "Week of Learning," available until October 31. Last year, LinkedIn bought educational site, Lynda.com, one of the largest online training and tutorial networks. Even though LinkedIn isn't one of the networks that members of the creative industries are most active on, there's still a lot of useful information, and the workshops and tutorials are actually very well produced.

U.S. Election Have You Down? Watch This 10K Panoramic Time-Lapse of L.A. Instead

What do you get when you combine over two years of shooting, extensive location-scouting, two Canon 5D Mark III cameras, and a very ambitious time-lapse photographer? You get just over six minutes of breathtaking panoramic time-lapse footage coming in at a remarkable 10K by 4K resolution. If this amazing time-lapse video from Photographer Joe Capra doesn't take your mind off of the election for a few minutes, nothing will.

Hilarious Short Film Makes a Strong Case for Unplugged Weddings

We're all aware of the problems that come from wedding guests with DSLRs or an addiction to selfies, but perhaps never before has the issue been captured so succinctly and hilariously. "Unplugged" simultaneously shows the frustration of the modern wedding photographer and makes a strong case for guests to sit down, put their cameras and phones away, and simply enjoy the ceremony, all while giving us a good chuckle in the process.

Using Channels to Selectively Edit Your Photos

Have you ever wondered what that obscure tab called “Channels” in Photoshop does? You know, the one with black and white layers of your photograph that are anything but red, blue, or green? Turns out they do some pretty amazing things and aren’t really that hard to understand once you get familiar with them.

How to Make Movie Magic: Filmmaking Tips, Tricks, and Illusions

Have you ever wondered how filmmakers create realism in their films? Whether it's having a character scramble across a ceiling, severing the head of a zombie, making hair seemingly grow before your eyes, or getting a giant to flip a car over, all of these illusions are achieved by seamlessly combining any number of techniques, crafts, and concepts. In this video RocketJump Film School cites examples from Aliens, Wizard of Oz, The Godfather, Lord of the Rings, and other well known movies, to demonstrate how filmmakers use "movie magic" to sell their scenes.

Hold My Beer, I Can Do Better Than This Professional Photographer

There's nothing wrong with saying your opinion when it has sound arguments. It is normal to have different preferences when it comes to photography style, lighting, gear, and post processing. However, many times people don't put themselves in the shoes of the author and don't know if there was a pebble during the photoshoot.

How Facebook Groups Can Improve Your Photography

For as long as there has been business, there has been networking. If you read any book on business or entrepreneurship it's immediately apparent that people and relationships are the cornerstone of success. It will come as no surprise, therefore, that the merit of social media is huge; this is well-trodden ground and tiresome. However, I feel compelled to promote one aspect of online networking that has separated itself from the pack for me.

Apple Releases iOS 10.1 With Portrait Mode for iPhone 7 Plus

Depth of field fakers rejoice, Apple has just released the official build of iOS 10.1. This update notably includes the heretofore beta Portrait Mode for owners of the iPhone 7 Plus, allowing users to simulate depth of field effects on photos taken with the 7 Plus' new secondary camera. The update is available now via over-the-air download or by updating your phone via iTunes.

This Camera Bag Has a Built in Reflector

So you find yourself on set without any lights, and no reflectors. Normally you would need to get creative and make something up. However Scott Tallenger is trying to fix this niche problem by building a reflector right into a messenger bag.

The Ultimate Guide to Finding a Makeup, Hair, and Wardrobe Stylist

If you’re interested in shooting production sets, like with fashion photography, you’re going to need to build a team beyond yourself. The truth of the matter is that your success will depend on who you know and what they can do for you. As blatant as that sounds, it’s the nitty-gritty truth about building a team.

The Quickly Dying Art of a Cinema Projectionist

Most people never think about what lies behind the small window twinkling with bright light above them at the cinema. Even fewer have had the opportunity to see the projection booth where are all the magic happens. Now that almost all major chain Cinemas have converted fully to digital, most people will never get that chance. K. William McMillan's video gives a glimpse into that world through the eyes of Projectionist Michael Roussete.

Vimeo Launches Profiles

Vimeo is a great platform for uploading and showcasing your videos. Although YouTube is still the reigning leader, Vimeo has been the way for many movie-makers to show the world what they have to offer.

Fstoppers Reviews the Fujifilm VPB-XT2 Camera Grip

The Fujifilm X-T2 has been in my hands since the day it was released here in Korea, and I have been really enjoying all the new features and speed upgrades. For all intents and purposes, it has become my primary camera now. It is responsive enough that unless I'm working with families, I'll use it for everything I do. However, it still has a couple of flaws in terms of battery life and size. After a full day of shooting, I've been noticing that my fingers ache, and I've changed batteries more times than I can count. To address both of these, I thought I would check out the vertical battery grip (or Vertical Power Booster Grip as Fuji calls it), VPB-XT2, to see if it was worth the hefty price tag.
Behind the Scenes of Mark Seliger Photographing Tony Bennett's 90th Birthday

From a personal experience I've found that the more mature the person is, the more honest the portraits are being captured. These people have seen it all, especially celebrities. They are not camera shy. It's a privilege to work with such subjects. You can't have a bad photograph of them, yet you need to make history by capturing an iconic photo of that person. In this behind-the-scenes video, Celebrity Photographer Mark Seliger captures portraits of legendary singer Tony Bennett on his 90th birthday.

Backlit Keyboard

After the hack today that took down some pretty major sites out there that we all use on a daily basis, I wanted to share some helpful information I've come across in the WordPress world. I myself have been hacked twice. Ever since moving my photography business website from a big company, I've finally been able to move on with my life.

Fstoppers Reviews the Everyday Sling from Peak Design

With my recent jump into shooting more and more with my mirrorless system, I have been looking for a camera bag that better fit the smaller kit. So when I got the chance to test out the Everyday Sling from Peak Design, I jumped at the opportunity. With how popular their Everyday Messenger was, in addition to completely destroying their Kickstarter goal for the new set of bags (going over their goal by more than $6 million), I knew it had to be a good bag. But once I got the bag and used it for a couple days, I was surprised by just how much I liked it.

Which Subscriptions Should I Pay For to Grow My Business as a DSLR Filmmaker?

As DSLR cameras become more capable in capturing high quality video, there is a temptation to add videography as a service to clients. But the learning curve from photography is videography is a steep one if you attempt to do this on your own, believe me, I tried! Whilst there are many free resources out there to help you grow as a videographer, I have found that by investing in the right subscription based services, your journey to professional filmmaker can be an enjoyable one.

BTS of the 2016 Lavazza Calendar with Joey L

Since I fell in love with portraiture I've daydreamed about traveling the world to take pictures of people. It's not a unique dream and it's not an overly farfetched dream, but it isn't a job that often comes up. One of the ways in which artists get commissioned to do something along those lines, however, is the Lavazza Calendar. It has seen the likes of Mark Seliger, Annie Leibovitz, and Steve McCurry behind the camera for them in recent years and this year, Joey L got the nod.

Fstoppers Meetup At Photo Plus In NYC Tonight

The entire Fstoppers office and many of the Fstoppers writers are at PPE this year. Today we will be wandering around the convention center and we hope you'll come say hello. Tonight at 8pm we're throwing a small get-together with a few big names in the industry.

Make an Impact on Your Images With Color Grading

Color plays a large role in the way we view an image. It can convey emotion, evoke a response, and set the mood. Understanding the basics behind how to use color in your images will assist in creating your signature look. Color can play a role in all the senses making sure your viewers feel the story behind the capture.

Halloween Is an Amazing Time of Year to Get Creative With Photography

Have you ever bemoaned the lack of great subjects to shoot with in your area? Ever cried in exasperation while struggling to come up with concepts? Those complaints all go out the window in mid-October when virtually every city in the world that celebrates Halloween explodes with wonderful photo opportunities.

Five Things They Never Told You About Becoming a Photographer

I don’t know about you, but I never planned to become a photographer. It kind of happened by accident. I have always considered myself more of an explorer, traveling the world in search of adventure. Shooting photographs was just my way of telling the story of the places I visited. But pretty soon, people started calling me a photographer, and that was that. Shortly after, I quit my day job and found myself trying to make my way as a full-time travel and portrait photographer. That was six years ago, and although I have learned so much over those years, these are the five things they never told me about becoming a photographer.

How and Why You Can Make Better Use of Time in The Studio

The beauty of studio shooting is that you have absolute control over every aspect of your final image. From makeup, to the general lack of ambient light to deal with, to the subject in front of your camera, everything is up to you. This can bring some challenges _ namely, you as the photographer are also the director of the entire shoot. If something isn't going right, it's your responsibility to fix it. I apply this to everything in life, but it's especially relevant in assembling a successful shoot. Remember the six Ps of life: proper planning prevents piss-poor performance.

Six Ways to Find Free or Affordable Studio Space

For many photographers who are primarily outdoor shooters and don’t have their own studio, finding an indoor space to shoot on a budget can be difficult. With the winter months fast approaching, shooting outdoors is going to become an even greater challenge. Here are six places you can find indoor space to hone your studio photography skills, for free or cheap, while you wait out the winter.

Practical Beginner Tips for Studio-Style Pet Portraits

Last week, we covered why volunteering for an animal rescue or shelter is a great way to grow your pet photography business. If you do not own or rent a studio, being able to bring a portable lighting setup on location for pet photography is an excellent alternative. When photographing animals in shelters, portable lighting will allow you to achieve a consistent style with your photos. This short video produced by the team at Westcott demonstrates practical tips for simple studio-style portraits of dogs and cats.