[BTS Video] World's Largest Stop Animation Shot On A Nokia N8
Who needs a clunky camera these days when you've got a 12 megapixel camera in your pocket. Shot using a Nokia N8, the guys over at Aardman (producers of Wallace & Gromit) broke the world record when they produced this short animation. The final video is only 1 minute and 31 seconds but it took them 5 days on the beach to shoot all the images. I think it goes without saying that the amount of time and effort it takes to produce a video like this is tremendous. Click the full post to see the final video.

[BTS Video] Next Time You Photograph An Outdoor Building, Try This Technique
We are heading into the final stretch for our 2011 Behind The Scenes Contest and someone is about to win a truckload of gear! The latest video that caught my attention was from LA photographer Mike Kelley. Mike has been featured on our site before but in case you missed that post, his portfolio is full of some pretty kick ass commercial images of buildings and outdoor environments. So it was only fitting for his contest entry to showcase how he approaches an outdoor commercial architectural shoot. Mike uses a lot of exposures and some well thought out accent lighting to create a composite image that looks really nice. As much as I love this video, Mike won't win this competition by impressing anyone here at Fstoppers. Instead his video has to make a lasting impression among our celebrity panel of judges. If you have any questions for Mike, leave them in the comments below.

[Contest] And The Winner Of The Fstoppers Christmas Twitter Contest Is...
I am happy to announce that the random winner for our Christmas Twitter contest is Seagram Pearce. After randomly picking his "tweet" I headed over to his website to find that Seagram is a photographer that seems to shoot just about anything and he does it all very well . Seagram's studio is based in Cape Town, South Africa which I hope won't cause us any shipping issues because he is now the proud owner of a brand new iPad 2 and our new DVD Peter Hurley: The Are Behind The Headshot. I'm thrilled that we have had another great photographer win one of our contests. If you happen to be Seagram, send us an email at contactfstoppers@gmail.com and we will figure out how to get you your prizes. Head over to Twitter and tweet him your congratulations

[Video] The Most Memorable Moments Of 2011
Just a few years ago each region would have to have its own 2011 recap. Today, with the power of the internet, world issues become common knowledge and the human race as a whole can look back on the biggest moments of the year. With the help of Google and Youtube, check out the most memorable moments of the year. I don't own a TV but I still knew every single image and video.

[Pics] Hot Blondes Using Pepper Spray on Cops?
Ok, maybe this didn't happen in real life but this is how editorial Photographer Tyler Shields recreated the image taken of the Occupy U.C Davis protesters. His photo project, titled "Occupied," features two models in their skivvies, giving a bunch of police officers a mouth full of pepper spray. What do you think? Is this a good interpretation of what's going on or is the fact that he used two hot blondes to get his message across clouding your judgement? Click the full post to see the rest of the photographs from his latest project.

[BTS Video] Lady Gaga Poses Naked for Vanity Fair

I've always been a huge fan of Annie Leibovitz's work. I hear she's one of the hardest photographers to work for - as it probably should be. She can make even Lady Gaga, Queen of Eccentric, look elegant for Vanity Fair's January 2012 issue. While this video doesn't explain much about her lighting technique or how she achieved each photograph, watching Annie behind the scenes is always a treat. Most of her lighting situations in this video are very simple using only a Photek Umbrella and a diffusion cloth attached to it.

[Contest] Today Is The Last Day To Win An Ipad And Peter Hurley DVD Through Twitter
Just a heads up to everyone; today is the last day to enter into our Peter Hurley / Apple iPad 2 Twitter contest! Tommorrow we are giving away a Apple 16GB iPad 2 and a free digital copy of Peter Hurley's The Art Behind The Headshot to one of our lucky twitter followers!
All you have to do to enter is follow @fstoppers on Twitter, and tweet the following message: "Follow @fstoppers and retweet this message to win Peter Hurley's DVD and an iPad 2 http://bit.ly/tsTufu" Make sure you tweet this message between now and the end of December 15th, 2011 because we will announce the winner the following day. Goto Peter's The Art Behind The Headshot Website for more information. Thanks to everyone who has already purchased the DVD and good luck to everyone entering the contest. NOTE: If you plan on ordering the DVD or already have purchased it, you will be refunded if you win the twitter contest.

[Contest Submission] How To Use An Intervalometer To Create Day Long Timelapses
With only about 2 weeks left in our 2011 Behind The Scenes Contest, entries are starting to pour in. It's great to put some faces with the names of our readers and see the different types of projects everyone is working on. William Walker came up with a pretty simple but clever idea for his contest video. Using just a camera and a Vello ShutterBoss intervalometer, William was able to capture photos of his buddy restoring a badly damaged 2011 Audi Q5. The whole project took over 40 working hours (several days of footage) and presented William with a few challenges. The concept is pretty straightforward and mad props to William for going out and pushing himself to try something new. The BTS video is below but click the full post to watch the final timelapse video. If you are planning to submit your own BTS video to our contest, you have just over 15 days to get it up online. Don't wait until the final day or you will probably not make the deadline!

[Video] Glow In The Dark Surfboards Make For Awesome Night Video
Hey guys, my name is Lauren and I'm the newest addition to the Fstoppers team. Having lived in Charleston for a while, I have many friends who are huge surfers. This campaign video is super creative and it has really sparked my imagination. Even if you're not the least bit interested in surfing, the use of these portable neon lights can be used for all sorts of photo projects. This glow-in-the-dark surf session was part of the cider company Strongbow’s “Welcome to Summer” campaign. Click the full post to watch a second video explaining how they used Electroluminescent wire (EL Wire) to light up their suits and boards. Maybe this will spark some imagination for those of you who still need to create a video for our Behind the Scenes Contest.

[Business] The Best Business Advice For The Working Photographer
Okay, I know my title is a bit dramatic but nevertheless I really think this is one of the best videos I've seen this last year for any working professional. Yesterday, Chase Jarvis had Ramit Sethi on his Chase Jarvis Live site, and the conversation was a cornerstone pillar for any working professional photographer. You see, Ramit is a New York Times and Amazon best seller book author (his book I Will Teach You To Be Rich is a classic), and he dropped by Chase's studio for some candid yet blunt answers on how a professional should run his career. Ramit covers how to book worthwhile jobs that satisfy you both creatively and financially and a ton of great advice that can be very psychological at times. The interview is super long so pace yourself, but if you stick with it I think you will be 10x more successful than you currently are (but hey I'm no fortune teller). Oh and if you want an early start on a great career in photography, why not let Chase Jarvis judge your own work by entering into our behind the scenes contest he is judging! Sorry about the sound at times.

The Wednesday Rundown 12.14.11
Howdy and welcome to the Wednesday Rundown. This week have a spot on behind the scenes video on creating snow in your photos. A great addition to that holiday card you are about to shoot. So if old man winter hasn't made it down to you yet, check out this rundown. If you have a video that you think we might like to post, please click on "submit content" above.

[Contest] Win a Year of Animoto Pro in the FS Forum
Hey Fstoppers! This week we have a new photo contest in the FS Forum. The winner walks away with a free year of Animoto Pro, the way to turn your photos and videos into pure amazing. Lee Morris is an avid fan and subscriber, so make sure to check it out. For all the rules and how to enter, view the full post. NOTE: The timeline for this contest has been quartered! You have only ONE WEEK to submit your images, so hop to it!

[Deal] Canon 5D Mark II Now On Sale Less Than $2000
We don't usually put a lot of deals on the front of Fstoppers (we save those for our twitter account) but this one is simply too good to pass up. Right now BHvideo has the Canon 5D Mark II DSLR camera on sale for $1999 which is pretty close to the price of some of Canon's cropped sensor cameras. Who knows how long this will last or if this is a sign of a new camera coming or just a great holiday deal. Either way, if you need a 2nd camera or haven't made the jump to full frame, this might be the best time to snag one of these up. We will try to update our Holiday gear guide as more sales pop up or if you find some, send them to us on twitter or in the comments below. Happy holidays everyone!

[BTS Video] Go Behind The Scenes With Monday Night Football
If you are from the US, then chances are every Monday night your television is tuned into football. Monday Night Football is a cultural staple in North America and one of the largest traveling media productions around. ESPN sports announcer Mike Tirico (surely you recognize his voice) gives a great commentary to this slideshow of behind the scenes images as you get a tour throughout the entire Monday Night Football experience. Everything from the meetings, the cue cards, the commentary booth, the cameras, and the production trailers are included in this fun look into one of my own favorite sports (not sure what happened to the audio guys though). It's pretty incredible to see this circus of technology and then realize this whole team travels the entire country week in and week out.

[Video] Indie Film Making Tips, How To Make A Safe Explosion
Realm Pictures has been working on "The Underwater Realm" (one of the most ambitious indie film attempts I've ever seen) for months now and have been coming out with great BTSVs along the way. The team recently realized that they need to film parts of their movie in an underwater studio and to do this they need to raise more funds. The team has turned to Kickstarter.com to help out but they aren't just asking for money. If you pledge $50 you will receive a special edition copy of their movie "Zomblies" and 10 in-depth video tutorials on indie film making tips like the one below. In the video below Dave shows us how to make a safe and explosion on an indie budget. If you feel like helping these guys out head over to Kickstarter and pledge today.

[News] Nikon D4 Specs Leaked

Being on the road in Argentina, with nothing but my iPad and nets speeds of 0.36Mbps, makes for some hard posting. But when the admins over at Nikon Rumors announced the specs for Nikon's D4, with 90% certainty, I knew it was worth the effort . Read what they have to say about Nikon's anwser to Canon's 1DX in the full post and let us know if it's all you hoped for.

[Video] How Many Lights Do You Need To Light A Delivery Truck?
A few weeks ago, commercial photographer Jay P Morgan showed us how to balance strobe light with ambient light on a large 18 wheeler (which involved closing down a California highway on ramp). In this video Jay is shooting a lifestyle image for Pilot Freight Services which requires him to light a large outdoor areas with studio lighting. The answer to the question in the title could probably be "one light," but using one strobe on a commercial shoot is not only going to produce a less than perfect image, it is also going to look unprofessional from the eyes of the art director. When photographing large advertising campaigns, I've learned that giving your clients that "wow" experience is perhaps even more important that the actual final image so don't underestimate the saying under promise and over deliver. What is great about this photoshoot is that even if you don't shoot large campaigns like this on a daily basis, it should still force you to think why certain lights are needed, and more importantly, ask what you yourself would do if this was your hired job.

[BTS Video] Mounted GoPro Captures The Life Of A Wedding Photographer
With just under three weeks left until the deadline of our 2011 Behind The Scenes Contest, our readers are really hitting it into high gear by turning in some awesome videos! Some of the ideas you guys come up with are really clever and a refreshing alternative to the boring "glamorized music videos" we receive daily. Wedding photographer Jaroslav Repta (based out of Bratislave, Slovakia) recently filmed an entire wedding from the perspective of his camera by mounting a GoPro Hero on his DSLR. Having started off as a wedding photographer myself, I found it really interesting to watch some of the conditions Jaroslav had to work in, and how his creative eye made the most of every situation. Weddings are tough with harsh sunlight one second and low light action the next, but Jaroslav shows how he (and tons of other fstoppers) work quick to find an interesting image. Love or hate weddings, I think everyone will get a kick out of seeing the hustle and bustle required at every wedding.

[BTS Video] Behind The Scenes Of The 2012 Pirelli Nude Calendar NSFW

A while back we featured a behind the scenes video on the making of the 2011 Pirelli Calendar and people enjoyed commenting on it (especially Karl Lagerfeld's crazy gloves). If you aren't familiar with the Pirelli calendar, it's basically a glamour nude calendar that is only released to VIPs and Pirelli customers. Even though the calendar is not for sale, it has become an icon in the fine art world. A few days ago this BTS video on the making of the 2012 calendar was released and it's pretty interesting at well. It features photographer Mario Sorrenti as he and his crew scout out locations throughout Corsica in pursuit of the perfect light for each nude image. There are two video versions available below each having a slightly different perspective. While I wouldn't consider this pornography, this video is definitely NSFW so you might want to revisit this later.

[Timelapse] Tom Lowe's Newest TimeScapes Trailer Is Timelapse At Its Best
We first featured film maker and timelapse master Tom Lowe almost 2 years ago. This week he released another mind blowing trailer for his documentary TimeScapes (pre order your copy here). Tom's vision was to give viewers a modern look at the American Midwest in all of its glory, and it to say it's glorious is an understatement! Shot primarily on Canon 5d MKIIs and RED Epics (with some of the best cine lenses available), TimeScapes has to be the best timelapse videos I've ever seen. This project has taken Tom over 2 years to film so you know the final release is going to be great to watch especially in ultra HD. Head over to Tom's Vimeo page for more details on how this was shot, and also check out our original post to see some BTS on how Tom creates these breathtaking images.

[Contest Entry] Cory Albrechston Photographs Women Under Ice
As we get closer to the deadline to enter our Behind The Scenes Contest we are seeing more and more entries, many of which are looking truly great. As I was browsing through the submissions, I noticed this one by Cory Albrechston where he demonstrates how he designed and lit a set to create the look of someone trapped under a sheet of ice. With pretty straightforward lighting and a cool idea, Cory was able to make a really unusual and eye-catching image.

[FS Meetup] Fstoppers Meetup TONIGHT in Scottsdale, AZ w/ Blair Bunting
We are going to be in Scottsdale, AZ shooting our next Behind The Scenes video with commercial photographer Blair Bunting, so we thought we might hit up all you Arizona Fstoppers. Come hang with us at the Terroir Wine Pub (7001 North Scottsdale Road) starting at 7 PM on Thursday December 8! Knock back some drinks, meet Blair Bunting and your favorite FS crew, and debrief our latest project with us. You all may remember Blair from a really popular video we posted from his work with Deadliest Catch. Blair's a really cool dude who loves a good bottle of wine, so don't miss it! See you all there!

[Video] Judge Brown Tears Cheap Wedding Photog a New One

I have to say up front I'm a little ashamed at posting this. I don't watch American trash TV or "reality TV", in fact, I don't even have cable. My TV is reserved for my PS3, Wii, Netflix and avi files. But when I saw this video of Judge Joe Brown ripping this professional wedding photographer a new one I couldn't help but chuckle at this ridiculous exchange. I apologize ahead of time for all the stupid in this video but there is a lot to say about this one so...

The Wednesday Rundown 12.7.11
Howdy and welcome to the Wednesday Rundown. This week we have a BTS video from a group that took a beautiful trip to Zion National Park. They capture their trip and the breath taking views in a well documented video. It will make you want to skip your morning commute tomorrow and head outdoors. If you have a video that you think we might like to post, please click on "submit content" above.

[Controversy] Did FHM Maliciously Degrade Veena Malik's Image?
Now this is an interesting story. Lately there has been a ton of controversy and debate about the role of photoshop in today's advertising market. FHM (For Him Magazine) just published their December issue with Pakistani cover model Veena Malik wearing what appears to be nothing. But that's not the full story; also pictured on the cover is Veena baring the tattoo "ISI" which refers to the rather polarizing Pakistani intelligence group. Pakistani's are outraged both because of the ISI reference and also because of Venna's lack of modesty displayed on the US men's magazine. It is quite common for photographers to shoot "implied nude" images with models actually wearing clothing (and the visible piece photoshopped out), but Veena claims the magazine maliciously manipulated her cover shoot without her permission. As for the ISI reference, well apparently both FHM and Veena were in agreement on the controversial art work with Veena making recommendations on how it should be drawn on her arm. Stories like this happen all the time but it's rare to see such a story with world wide appeal. What do you guys think? Read more about the full story on the BBC News page.

[Contest] Win a Black Rapid Strap in our Facebook Group
It's time for another contest Fstoppers! Our Facebook Group has swelled to over 1500 active members. It's a great community and resource for photographers anywhere, as everyone can offer constructive criticism and praise for aspiring shooters. To support the group, we have partnered with the strap masters at Black Rapid and are giving away a Black Rapid SnapR 10 This nifty little bag is perfect for quick access to your compact camera while on the go. How do you win? Join the Facebook Group and submit your best image that you shot with either a point and shoot (compact mirrorless ok!) or your phone! Make sure you note that it is a contest entry in the caption or tag Fstoppers in the post. These days, great photos can be made with the smallest hardware and we want you to prove it. Contest ends January 3, 2012. Good luck!

Evolution: A Portrait Series of People and The Fish They Look Like

"Evolution” by photographer Ted Sabarese is a portrait series that compares people to their fish lookalikes. "With all the recent, fiery controversy between evolution, creationism, intelligent design, science, religion, the political left, right, etc., I thought it might be provocative to throw my visual two-cents into the ring. The images beg the question, is it really so difficult to believe we came out from the sea millions and millions of years ago?"

[Contest] Facebook Group Photoshop Contest Results
Last month, we put up a copy of our brand new DVD, The Art Behind the Headshot up for grabs to the person who could impress Lee with their Photoshop skills. Entrants had to submit one file with both a before and after photo together to our Facebook Group. We got literally hundreds of entries, many of them really fantastic. We were very impressed with the skills of many of you. It was a tough decision, and Lee's choice may surprise you... Check the full post to see the winner and runners up.