The Hypocrisy of Banning Photo Retouching

Bad retouching is not the subject of this article. Sometimes we read articles that talk about banning retouching or rumors that some brands or companies are going to get it banned from their advertising. If we dig deeper into the very reasons for such a decision, we should ban many other processes involved in the crafting of commercial imagery.

Getting More Out of Your Photography by Changing Directions

New gear is always fun to work with, however a new piece of glass is not going to make you a better photographer. Many new photographers feel the urge to buy the latest gear thinking it will improve their skills. Learning how to work with what you have, learning new techniques, or even changing directions for a new desired genre is far more important than that latest camera announcement.

Critique the Community Valentine's Day Love

Valentine's Day Love
Submit your best image with a love or romantic theme for a chance to win a free Fstoppers tutorial.

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! In honor of the day that celebrates love and romance, our next Critique will be centered around the theme of the day. Submit your best love and romance centered images and be critiqued by your peers.

Submission Deadline:
February 20th 2019 - 11:45pm

LG gram: The Lightest 17-Inch Laptop in the World Is a Photographer's Dream Come True

When you photograph in a studio you have the luxury of having an abundance of electrical power, access to bigger monitors, and grip equipment for your computer devices. The newest 17-inch LG gram is a compact-body laptop in the 15.6-inch class. It weights only 1,340 grams and allows you to have a similar experience not only in studio, but also on location.

How to Find and Buy Photo Gear Cheap

As I'm sure you already know if you've spent any amount of time as a photographer, gear isn't cheap. You start off believing you just need a camera and a good lens, but next thing you know you're filling your online shopping cart with memory cards, batteries, camera straps, bags, and more. Since making a gear purchase is inevitable, is it possible to make your next purchase without breaking the bank? Absolutely.