North Carolina Governor Declares October Photography Month

For the first announcement of its kind in the United States, Governor Roy Cooper of North Carolina has declared October 2017 to be Photography Month. For those photographers who live in and are traveling to North Carolina during October, they will have even more reason to bring their cameras and take advantage of the festivals and photo-centric events while they are there.

Adam Epstein Breaks Down the Six Rules for Cinematic Editing

For video editors and filmmakers alike, understanding the power of the cut is important for telling the most compelling, informative, and/or emotional story. In this video excerpt from MZed, professional editor Adam Epstein (known for SNL and Killing Gunther among other things) provides some thoughtful insight on six rules for cinematic editing, as referenced from award-winning film editor Walter Murch.

Settlement Reached in the Case Between Photographer and Narcissistic Macaque

Chances are, you’re familiar with the story. A photographer tricks a monkey into taking a selfie with his camera, monkey becomes internet famous as a result, photographer gets sued by PETA on behalf of the narcissistic macaque. It’s a classic case of a monkeying around. Something that cost this photographer a great deal of unintended drama. Well, it looks like one macaques chances of cashing a fat paycheck have been squashed.

Kodak Announces Printomatic 10-Megapixel Instant Zink Print Camera

Continuing with its strong comeback in the still photography arena, Kodak recently announced a digital camera called the Printomatic that is capable of printing instant photos. The camera uses a 10MP sensor and saves images to a digital card, but built into the camera is also an inkless printer system that prints on 2" x 3" Zink paper using heat.

5 Ways to Improve Your Food Photography

Food photography is great fun and really easy to get into. All you need is a camera (which if you own a smart phone, you already have) and some food.

A Beautiful Look at the Assembly Process of a Leica Camera

Leica might be the most polarizing camera brand among photographers, but I think most will agree that they're beautifully crafted machines. This lovely short film goes behind the scenes, giving an inside look at the manufacturing process and what goes into making a Leica camera.

A Powerful Guide to Creating Double Exposure Images in Photoshop

Double exposures are one of my favorite effects. Luckily for us, unlike in the age of film, we have vastly more control over the final image thanks to the power of Photoshop. This great tutorial will show you how to create your own.

Fstoppers Reviews the Cascable 3 App, a Professional Wi-Fi Camera Toolkit

I recently stumbled across the iOS app Cascable 3 while perusing the App Store. I was in search of that next great app to make my life a little easier. I fully admit my iPhone seems to find a new app each week, but for my own sanity I attempt to keep everything neatly organized with folders. Keyword: attempt. Just don't ask to see how many folders I have.

Multi-Million Dollar Shootout and How I Created the Winning Photo

A few weeks ago, I came across a post on social media from the Jônt about a shoot out contest inside a staged multi-million dollar estate which piqued my interest. Reading more about the shootout, it would be geared toward several different genres of photographers, as they would have vendors on site providing food, drinks, cars, and models at our disposal for the shoot out. First, you had to submit your info along with your portfolio to be one of the selected photographers to join the contest, I figured I would go ahead and throw my name into the hat and see what would happen.

How to Change Someone's Hairstyle Using Photoshop

Out of all the remarkable things you can pull off in Photoshop, changing someone's hair might be my favorite thing to do. Besides being just plain fun, it'll exercise a lot of techniques that you'll want to have mastered in many other situations as well. Check out this great tutorial on swapping hair.

How I Prepare for Networking Events (Plus Get 15% off PDN's Photo Plus Expo 2017)

As the summer starts to wind down I know it means one thing. It's going to get a lot colder here in Boston. It also means It's time to start getting ready for Photo Plus Expo as well as some of the other winter conferences. For some, this might be simply booking travel, but for me, it's a big weekend. One that I spend a lot of time preparing for. In part, because it's one of the bigger speaking engagements for me but also its one of the best networking opportunities to help build my brand.

Zero Distortion: A Review of the Laowa 15mm f/2 Lens

In the last few years, Laowa, a Chinese company, released some very interesting lenses. Several of their wide-angle lenses have been praised for excellent performance and can be bought at relatively reasonable prices. The Laowa 15mm f/2 is one of these lenses and is currently the fastest 15mm lens that you can buy. Of course, there is the Sigma 14mm f/1.8 Art, and although that lens is almost double the price, Sigma's Art lenses have developed quite the following due to their incredible performance. But can the Laowa beat it? Kaiman "Kai" Wong helps us find out in this video review.

Mountain Biking Meets Drawing for a Unique Video

In many artistic disciplines and sports, people are told they should concentrate on one thing and one thing only. Being specialized seems to be the trend and what most industry leaders appear to believe in. However, there are exceptions to this. First, those industry leaders themselves that are more often than not great educators as well. But then, there are those people that truly shine in different domains such as Micayla Gatto. Watching her recent video where she rides her bike on mountains and her drawings is just an amazing experience, one you should see with your own eyes to believe it.

Are Tourism and Photographers Ruining Photography?

I came across this interesting video in which a frustrated photographer examines the issue of too many people and impolite behavior making landscape photography difficult at beautiful locations. It's definitely an issue that deserves to be addressed, and his take on it is worth hearing.

Something Different: A Quick Landscape Photography Session

I love landscape photography, both for its subject matter and its meditative quality. Undertaking it requires serious commitment of time and resources, however, or so it may seem. This great video highlights what's possible with just a little time and a short walk.

Fstoppers Reviews Polar Pro Filters for Drones

Designed for DJI photographers and cinematographers alike, PolarPro's Cinema Series for the Phantom 4 Pro/Advanced includes six incredibly useful filters: three neutral density filters and three polarizing and neutral density filters. I had been looking at filters for quite some time and wasn't sure where to begin so this set was the perfect place to start. Available for a wide array of quadcopters well beyond the Phantom 4 Pro tested, if you are looking to improve your quadcopter's image quality by adding filters, check out this review of PolarPro's Cinema Series.

Playing With the D850: Do You Really Need That Newest Camera?

I had the glorious opportunity to play with the highly-anticipated (at least for me) upgrade from the D810, the D850. I wanted to touch on a few things, namely the hype and if one really needs this new camera. For me, absolutely I do and I'll explain why. This isn't a review of the D850, but just a few key things that I was really wondering about and needed to know before upgrading.

Use Psychology to Take Better Portraits

Long before I ever picked up my first camera I was always fascinated by the subject of psychology. To understand some of the reasons why humans behave the way they do is rather useful in many areas of our lives. Once I started to get into photography more seriously I began to realize how the two subjects could be used together to make more powerful images.

How to Remove Braces Using Photoshop

A lot of us have or have had braces at some point in our lives. And while they're a perfectly normal thing, some people are a bit self-conscious of them, so being able to remove them is a good skill for photographers to possess. This helpful tutorial will show you how to do exactly that.

Some of the Most Absurd and Expensive Bloopers in Filmmaking History

We've all had mishaps on set, whether that was tripping over a lighting stand or dropping a lens. And while those can certainly be costly mistakes, they pale in comparison to the amount of money in play when something goes wrong on a top-dollar film production. Here are some expensive and hilariously absurd examples of such bloopers.

Can Lexar Live Again?

Recently we wrote the sad news that Lexar was going to close doors. Now we hear that it's going to live. Technically speaking, it will be the same brand name, but resurrected with another heart. Will that heartbeat manage to keep the company running at top speeds?

Nikon D850 Dynamic Range Tested and Compared

It would seem that the Nikon D850 can do no wrong and with this latest test and comparison from Tony Northrup, the results seem even more positive. The dynamic range was something a lot of photographers were concerned about, especially due to the higher megapixel count. At ISO 64, it's safe to say that the dynamic range of the D850 is a solid improvement over the Nikon D810. As Northrup demonstrates in his video, the D810 suffered from a heavy magenta cast in recovered shadows whereas the D850 has a more neutral and pleasing look to it. At higher ISO, however, the differences between the two Nikon cameras may not be as significant.

Why You Should Add a Macro Lens to Your Arsenal

Do you have a macro lens in your camera bag? If you don’t, is it because you don’t shoot macro photography? If you do, are you limiting the use of the lens? There are several lenses out there that some photographers use only for a specific reason, and a macro lens is one of them which many photographers limits to macro photography. What if I told you the lens has many more uses than just extreme up-close photos which they are known for.

How to Find Where You're Going in Photography

It happens to all of us: we get our first professional camera, and all of a sudden, everything is photogenic, everything is beautiful. But eventually, if we want to make a living from photography, we have to narrow down the genres we shoot, the gear we use, the style in which we edit, etc. This great video explores how to give your photography career a direction.

The Five Dos and Don'ts of Photographing Models

When you're working with models (or anyone really), there are certain things you should keep in mind, both to make the shoot go smoothly and successfully and to ensure that proper boundaries are established and everyone involved feels comfortable and respected. Here are five dos and don't of photographing models.

Beers and Cameras Is an Awesome Photographers' Meet-Up that Might Be in Your Area

The Internet is full of memes comparing what people think photographers do with what we actually do. A lot of our actual time is spent inside, editing, on the phone, or sprucing up the website. And through it all, it can be difficult to meet and collaborate with others in our field while we're so busy with our own schedules. But by not getting out and meeting each other, we're missing a huge opportunity to help each other out, pass along jobs outside of our area of focus, and potentially collaborate or partner on future projects. So what if we could meet in a cool, casual environment over a beer to discuss all things photo? Enter Beers and Cameras.

Photographers Around the World Are Devastated as Majestic Columbia River Gorge Destroyed by Fire

My heart is heavy as I write this tonight, 20,000 acres of my ancestors ceded lands and the very fir trees they once lived beneath, are burning to the ground. Not only is the Columbia River Gorge some of the most beautiful land in Oregon venture in to and photograph, it holds a special place in my own heart. Did you notice the red moon across the country Monday night? Many of you likely took a photo of it like I did here in Louisville, Kentucky. It was breathtaking but today I was devastated to learn the moon was painted by the tragedy in my home lands and across the Northwest.