Aerial Photography - The New Perspective

I always watch aerial videos; there's just something about them that really stands out to me, so my bad for another aerial video. In this video, "Perspective," we see nature in a very different way. Drones are tools that give us the freedom to film and photograph from the air. These tools allow us to change our perspective and create imagery that is new to our eye. In this video, Jay really captured some content that we don't get the opportunity to see. He does a great job controlling the camera, panning, flying and shooting in a unique way. 

Owning a drone is a great thing, I've really grown to love mine, and am still pushing myself to use it more and change my perspective on aerial photography. Of course this is not so easy to do, it requires a lot of experimenting, going out and trying new things, finding the right places to fly, and seeing things in a way you have never seen them before.

I first started taking aerial photos for a project we had to do while I was in college. I decided since it was really cold and we had to do night photography, I'll just sit in my car and fly my drone while everyone else is outside freezing. It just so happens that I really liked the way I could do this and it was interesting to see things from such a new perspective. The only thing I didn't like was the extreme quality difference from my Nikon D750 to the Phantom 3 Advanced camera.

Being able to control a camera in the air is pretty awesome. I love shooting things that the eye doesn't naturally see, whether it be a long exposure with some foggy water, or star trails. Perspective is one of the biggest things when it comes to photography. It is a simple little technique that can really carry you through your career. I realized that my drone isn't only for video, I can take photos with it too, so it's something I started doing. Of course being in the air is always a cool thing and a lot of the photos on the drone are automatically cool because you are flying a camera.

So what makes aerial photography stand out? My favorite type of aerial photos are the ones where the camera is pointed directly downwards. These are the photos that really draw my attention because they are so interesting. When we see photos from straight above, it lets our mind wonder and wander. We think more about what we are looking at, we take the time to analyze it more, we appreciate it as it becomes more and more of a common thing as the market for drones rapidly expands.

My favorite photo I have taken so far above, was a shot I've been looking to get for quite some time. I always saw these types of aerials on the big Instagram accounts and I would tell myself, "Maybe if I lived somewhere other than New Jersey I could get a shot like that." Well guess what, that was in New Jersey a few minutes from my house and all it took was a long time for me to figure I really could get a shot like that. I look forward to shooting a lot more aerial photography in the future and really tuning my eyes towards this new aerial perspective.

To all the people with drones out there, go out, explore, shoot, have fun and try new things. Take advantage of the technology that is out today and create your own perspective. Remember to fly safe so these drone laws don't get anymore out of control than they already are.

Don't forget to follow Jay on Instagram and check out his website for more awesome work!

I am a huge nerd when it comes to drones and have been flying for over 4 years. I enjoy doing aerial photography as my personal work but shoot tons of video for work as well. I am a part of Simply Visual Productions and Simply Sounds, working my way into an industry I couldn't be happier to be a part of.

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Ever since I saw that hobby rocket with a mounted 110mm camera (1980s) I was obsessed with the idea of aerial photography. The idea still haunts me and I still don't have a drone and running out of excuses.

Haha you gotta get one, they are pretty cool. Definitely a great thing to have too.

Thanks for sharing this man! Really means a lot! So happy you liked the little drone reel I made! I actually just ordered the x5 so hoping to make some incredible stuff with that soon :) Always stoked to connect with other people in the field!

Hey man, not a problem! Your work is great, even all the stuff on your Instagram and website, I was really impressed. I'm glad you found the article and I'm glad I found your video haha. What kind of drone are you using now? I'm actually looking into getting the x5 myself just to increase the photo and video quality, it seems to be a great camera.

Thank you so much man! Really means a lot! So for this video it was all the Phantom 3 Professional. Getting the inspire and x5 this week!! so stoked for it. I love that I will be able to choose the different focal lengths. Sometimes i feel so restricted with the Phantom 3

I honestly thought you shot this with the x5 haha I'm impressed with the quality on it! I feel pretty restricted too with the camera movement and photo quality. Let me know how that x5 is cause I will probably end up getting that at some point over the summer.

Which drone can i use to put a nikon d750 on? I'm struggling to find a good compromise between quality image and price.. thanks in advance!
ps: awesome work!

I think your best bet for that would be the Matrice 600 by DJI. They have some really great technology, but I think the whole system is different from a standard drone. This one may be similar but it's also very large. I don't know of any drone mounts for the D750 specifically, I have the same camera myself and would love to throw that on. So if you are really interested in a drone that you can put your 750 on, the Matrice holds the ronin and the ronin holds the nikon haha. Hopefully that helps you out but I don't know much about the larger drones.

Thanks for the advice! I'll look at it! But maybe the whole system is too big to be used during wedding (at least considering the time to mount and balance everything I suppose..)