Awesome Mini Worlds Photographs From Planet Earth

Awesome Mini Worlds Photographs From Planet Earth

Ever wondered how cool could it be to photograph different planets from close by and show how each one of them is different and unique? Well, unless you're an astronaut or a robot named 'Curiosity', you'll have to wait with that dream. But until then, why not making your own planets, all based on planet earth? Check out these awesome examples of mini-worlds (or "mini-planets", "Stereographic panoramas") found on Flickr.

Making these mini real-life globes is fairly easy. All you need to do is shoot a 360° panorama, resize it into a square shape, and use the 'Polar Coordinates' filter in Photoshop. To see a tutorial on how to do it, click here.

Want to share your own results with us? do so in the comments below or on our Facebook Group.

baroque planet
Photo: Simon The Fox.

City Planet
Photo: Mike Innes.

A World Within Itself......
Photo: Tom.

Beach Hut
Photo: Andrew Sweeney.

Modern City panorama globe
Photo: Wu Peng.

Planet Front Yard 2
Photo: Josh Sommers.

Donjon de Pons
Photo: AlpixImages.

30 seconds of Planet Cape Town
Photo: Jim Sher.

Little Tower Bridge Planet
Photo: Constantinos Hinis.

Abbatiale de Marcillac-Lanville
Photo: AlpixImages.

Miami South Beach Planet
Photo: Thomas Reimann.

NYC South Manhattan Little Planet - West Side Panorama New York City
Photo: Mike Goldberg.

mini planet milwaukee
Photo: Erik Aldrich.

Globe panorama 3
Photo: Kevin Wong.

It's a small world...
Photo: George Barker.

Potrero Hill HDR 1 PanoPlanet
Photo: Jerome Mungapen.

Minimundo Zaragoza
Photo: Gonzalo Iza.

Dome of the Rock
Photo: Manu.

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Floodrip's picture

As someone who knows how to properly create one of these (from a tec standpoint) without the stupid PC squeeze from PS, I'm very unimpressed by half of this stuff.

Chaim Perl's picture

The adorama video linked in the article gives a super bad tutorial using the wrong equipment. Unimpressed.

If anyone wants to learn how to make one of these without the "PC squeeze" as flood drip says hit me up on facebook.

David Crockett's picture

I do these and all you need is a camera, a tripod, tons of photos taken a very specific way and lots of photoshopping them all together. some of these samples look good, but many look really bad. Not very impressed.

Andrew Jonathan Smith's picture

After doing a 365 (one-photo-per-day) project, I was looking for something new and decided to do one of these 'planets' every week for a year (so a 52-project). I did cheat and use the PC Squeeze method a few times, but the majority of the work was done with "hugin" - an awesome free software that stitches the photos together. Some clean-up in PS is necessary:

Andrew Jonathan Smith's picture

quick follow up:

This is my favorite out of the series:

And the tutorial I used is here:

In the tutorial, they use seven (HDR) shots... I typically had way more than that... in the range of 40-50 shots.

Noam Galai's picture

Great work man!! thanks for the info!

Andrew Jonathan Smith's picture

Thank you! I just saw a comment from Esphera - who had much better shots than mine (it seems to have disappeared) ... He was using the correct equipment - nodal ninja nad fisheye lens. I mostly used my sigma 10mm-20mm (@20mm) with a simple tripod - some of the planets in my collection were shot with my iPhone (when I didn't have my D90 with me). My PS skills are lacking, so there are some errors here and there in my images.
Nonetheless, it was a fun project - somewhat demanding at times since finding a decent spot to do these panoplanets is tough and shooting and processing can take anywhere from two to six hours.

Fahad Jafarullah's picture

Awesome work! Thanks for the link to Hugin tutorial :D

Spy Black's picture

Hugin is one of those great free open-source treasures most people aren't aware of.

Fahad Jafarullah's picture

Here, add mine to the list :D

M Shawn Weissert's picture

I tried this with photoshop. It's not easy to do it manually. Here's my first try.

Fetching image ...
Daniel Lafkas's picture

These look great! This is an interesting twist using this technique by a photographer in Paris called Alexander JE Bradley.

Blaise Castellano's picture

These are fun when done correctly, I wouldnt say im unimpressed by whats presented here. But its certainly not a new topic to photography. If someone wants to tip me on how to get balanced color in the sand of my pic here please fill me in.

Lorenzo P's picture

This is some awesome stuff!!

Robert Connor's picture

Some very cool pics!

Sebastian K's picture

the tree picture by josh is amazing!

Vote for Zack's picture

thanks for sharing, noam. i'm a big fan of tiny planets. here's a few of my own.

Alexander Roe's picture

I love these! So much so I went straight out and shot one by hand. Post took me about 20min.

Синиша Ђукановић's picture