A Drone Put to Great Use: Norway Into The Arctic 4K

Drone Videos are slowly becoming more and more popular as the drone market seems to endlessly expand. Consumer drones now seem like one of the most popular items for people to buy for themselves or as gifts for others. I walk around and see “drones” in 7/11’s and other random stores with the advertising “HD Video.” These tools are becoming so popular that almost anybody can get one and start flying around. 

Drones were something I was always interested in as a photographer. They seemed so interesting for shooting things we don’t typically see, they are the tools that expand our creativity, create a new perspective and now today cause so much competition. I myself have a drone and I absolutely love it, it allows me to get shots I never could have before. Over the course of a few months I have gotten better and better at flying it, but before purchasing the DJI Phantom 3 advanced, I had the DJI Vision 2+ and that alone was a big problem for me. Though the drone was still relatively smart, it was outdated, cheap, and lacked some valuable features that the Phantom 3 offered. I realize that if I’m going to have a drone for photography and videography, I need something I can rely on. I would never buy a drone that's not worth it, and now after flying so much, I am convinced I need an even better drone, but soon that day will come. The market and technology for drones seems to be developing faster than ever bringing us content that is really amazing.

After viewing so many drone videos, seeing the twitching and distortion of the amateurs “drone footage,” I am happy to say that I stumbled upon this amazing video my buddy sent me. Norway seems like a beautiful place to be and also seems like a popular place to fly, but the scenery in this video really caught my attention. It is the people like this who make drones so worth it to have. They put out content that makes earth look so unreal and the quality really is there. These drones aren’t used for spying, or flying to do tricks or racing (though that seems to be the new thing with certain drones); they are meant for flying and filming. When we take these cameras to these awesome locations and fly them, sometimes we get really lucky and are able to create content like never before. I encourage all drone pilots to look up to this guy for going out and capturing some of the shots he did, whether he was waking up early to get them, going out and waiting for that perfect moment, or just got lucky. A lot of these shots really blow me away, from the color, to the landscapes and so much more. I really wish I could get an opportunity to go somewhere like this to fly.

The drone is not a toy or something to take advantage of, there are rules and regulations that need to be followed otherwise they government will enforce strict laws on the use of drones. I have met plenty of people who love my drone and ask me questions about it like it is the most interesting thing in the world, and there are some people who absolutely hate it and don’t want anything to do with it. Regardless, learn how to fly your drone, control it and be smart with it. It is something that will become bigger and bigger as time goes on and if you are thinking about buying one yourself, check out Lee’s Article where the Phantom 3 Advanced is on sale for $599. DJI makes a bunch of really great products and so far to me, there are very reliable, a brand I will always use.

For more about the artist, please check out his site!


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I don't often make it through videos like this anymore, but so many times I had to pause it just to fully take in the vistas. That little bit at 1:48 also put a massive smile on my face.

chris bolduc's picture

Breathtaking. Can someone please tell me where in Norway this was shot? I'm adding it to my bucket list. Thank you.

All throughout, but mostly the Lofoten Islands.

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Hey Raphael, had no idea you'd find this haha. Awesome video!! I'm really hoping I can go out to Norway some day. it seems so nice out there!

Most beautiful place I've ever been. You've got to go! Thanks for the kind words.

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While I do like the video and the views posted, I think that there are also too many videos like this being made by people who don't respect the aviation laws and put others at risk. In Norway and most countries around the world, this video does show some illegal actions by the Drone operator. Any time a Drone operates, or any aircraft within a cloud (as seen above) it must have permission of the state and be on an appropriate clearance (See Norway AIP ENR 1.4 for cloud separation requirements), and at least in the USA (FAA) there are specific definitions for drone operations. I am not sure if a request was made to AVINOR (Norwegian FAA) to do these specific operations, but as a Pilot and Photographer I have seen way to many un-safe operations of drones at locations where lives are put at risk. Before making these videos, and even posting them make sure you are doing so correctly, legally and with the appropriate authorizations. Just because you don't see or hear other aircraft doesn't mean they aren't there.