Five Simple But Effective Drone Video Techniques

Flying a drone often enables the possibility of getting some really unique and arresting shots, but it also takes a fair amount of skill or even a second operator on a dedicated camera controller to pull them off. These five simple shots will give you similarly excellent results with minimal effort.

Coming to you from Drone Film Guide, this helpful video highlight five types of drone shots that look cinematic and professional, but are relatively easy to pull off. When you're first starting out or flying by yourself, it can be a bit difficult to manage the flight of your drone and get specific types of shots, which is where having these techniques in your bag of trick becomes useful. Here's an additional tip: if you're flying a DJI drone and you attempt these shots and find that your footage is too jerky or the movements are too fast, switch over to tripod mode, which will limit the drone's speed. You can also decrease the sensitivity of the controls in the menu, allowing them a bit more travel for similar movements, which will result in smoother footage as well. Get out there and start shooting some awesome video! 

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