Kayaker Slapped in Face by an Octopus-Wielding Seal

Kayaker Slapped in Face by an Octopus-Wielding Seal

This one is for real. An octopus-wielding seal singled out a particular kayaker from the group and made it very clear his presence wasn't welcome in another moment of pure, spontaneous, GoPro gold.

Shot on the Hero 7, which helped the smoothness of the video of the even smoother seal, this video was recently captured by Instagram user Taiyo Masuda, who was using the new GoPro to show off its new Hyper Smooth stabilization feature (if you haven't seen it, it's amazing. Our review will be coming soon, but check out Masuda's profile for some excellent examples). Thankfully, this rare incident of an animal using another animal as a weapon was all captured with GoPro's latest camera just days after its release:

It would perhaps be a bit too naive to think this seal was simply trying to deliver a fresh pescatarian meal to the kayaker. Perhaps octo-slapping someone in the face is the ultimate expletive of the sea. But you have to admit: that's one creative seal.

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Where have I seen this before?.... https://youtu.be/i9SSOWORzw4?t=10s

Leigh Miller's picture

LOL I saw this the other day.... precisely why I stopped sea kayaking and limit myself to the lakehouse paddle. NO seals jumping on looking for fish...and no tentacles

Bodkin's Best's picture

Just wait. One day a river otter will take offense to your presence and smack you with a trout. After that you'll have to limit your aquatic adventures to chlorinated pools...

Leigh Miller's picture

LMAO...if I live that long

Kirk Darling's picture

Years ago, there was a young seal that was molested by a diver...and the seal never forgot or forgave the personal violation of that day.

"an animal using another animal as a weapon"

In fact it is a gift from the seal......

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Bit lazy of the seal though - Best way to serve octopus is as takoyaki! ;-)

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New Zealand being a small country, this was carried on the mainstream media... At least they mentioned that seals normally thrash their prey to kill and/or dismember it. So yeah, nah... Not an attack, just wrong place at the wrong time.

Hmmm, now I have this urge to see if there's any seals sunning themselves in a nearby harbour - Don't have a photo of a seal yet. :-)

Sometimes you get run over on the sideline by a football player. Sometimes you get smacked by an octopus wielding seal. When crazy stuff happens, it was just your time.