New Puppy in the House? Time to Put Together an Easy, In-Home Photoshoot

The Internet is run on cute puppy photos, and that’s a verifiable fact. Do your part in contributing using these helpful pet photography tips.

Chelsea and Tony Northrup recently got a new puppers (appropriately named Pixel) and did what any self-respecting dog owner/photographer would do: took a bunch of photos of her with a makeshift in-home studio photoshoot. Using a diffused beauty dish light, a chair, and a blanket, the Northrups had all they needed to create adorable images to always look back on and remember. In this video they share some easy to follow tips that will make any pet photoshoot run more smoothly.

One of the key takeaways is being patient. Pets won’t already know what you want from them, and generally having a bright light and camera in their face is going to be a little frightening at first. Take things slow and treat them for every little positive step they take. Even manage your expectations to reduce frustration; you very well may not come away with a single good photo and that’s OK because if the experience was still fun and playful you can always work on it next time.

What are your own tips for pet photography?

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Chad D's picture

dont light like they are showing is my tip :) basically never direct unless you are outside or really know why you want to

If they have tens of thousands of followers, probably they know about pet photography as well :)

If I shoot fur, probably I’ll use something more specular than just large duffused softbox.