Apple Appocalypse: What If All Our Apps Suddenly Disappeared?

Within the framework of the WWDC conference, held in June 5-9 in San Jose, California, Apple introduced an advertisement video called Appocalypse, showing the consequences of the sudden removal of mobile applications from users' devices around the world. The company demonstrated the significant role played by the applications in the life of a modern man and what can result from their sudden shutdown.

According to the story of the three-minute video, a new employee comes to Apple. Getting used to the workplace and trying to find a free outlet, he mistakenly disconnects the company's servers, which leads to the suspension of all iOS-based programs. The situation turns into a crisis, covering all spheres of society's life, and plunges the world into chaos. 

The video ends with a slogan: "Keep making applications. The world depends on you." 

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Sam Zid's picture

just switch to Android ;)

Emma Grigoryan's picture

loyal to Android :D

Maximilian Mesch's picture

Actually one of the better videos apple produced in the last couple of years!

Rex Jones's picture

Hahaha, I came so close to peeing my pants laughing so hard! haha, when that truck driver screams, just killed me!!! 😂😂😂😂

Mark James's picture

Please make this happen. I hate all those stupid, useless icons on my phone. Apple won't let you delete most of them and it is very frustrating.