Daisie Is Here: New Networking Platform for Creatives Launches in App Store

Daisie Is Here: New Networking Platform for Creatives Launches in App Store

The creative platform that was co-founded by “Game of Thrones” actress Maisie Williams and first announced in January 2018 is now available to download on the App Store. Catering towards pursuits of film, photography, art, literature, fashion, and music, Daisie connects up-and-comers with industry leaders in new ways.

As we learned when it was first previewed earlier this year, Daisie is an app focused on collaboration, connections, development, and sharing between creatives. Part of its aim is to break down the walls between the elite artists who inspire and those eager to learn.

Daisie for iOS

Another barrier that Daisie is trying to remove is between the separate, but connected, industries that the platform centers on. “Our industries were specifically chosen; they are raw forms of communication that can benefit one another,” Daisie’s press release stated. “We hope that creators of all styles and industries will be empowered to collaborate with people from every corner of the world, and find the inspiration to reach out of their comfort zone and work on projects that may be new to them, or that may not fit into their canon of work.”

With the debut of Daisie for iOS, they have released their first Question Time (QT) which is where influential people host Q&As to interact with their followers. QT hosts can also use the opportunity to start Tasks which followers can participate in and get their work reviewed. Below is an example QT hosted by Williams, and the full 20-minute video is available inside the app.

What are your thoughts on this new platform? Do you think it will be a useful way to network with others in our related creative industries? Let us know in the comments below.

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No Android support? :(

real creators use only iOS :D


Cause launching a new product to only a portion of your potential audience and making it invite only is how you open doors for struggling artists. Right?

The world is already over saturated with social media/networking platforms. How many more “networking” apps do we really need? Some people already spend more time in social media than doing real work. Perhaps one day we should all quit our jobs to focus only on “networking”...

People made the same statements about newspapers, tv channels, streaming services, and just about every new media ever invented. Are we really suppose to accept that the current platforms are the best and we never need anything new or better again?

Who is accepting that the current platforms are the best and has no need for anything new?

What? This article doesn't mention that it's still invite-only? I got on the list but I'm 19,571st in line...

Just keeping out the riffraff I suppose. For what it's worth, GMail started this way. Now it's open to the public.

You're 6k ahead of me, ha!

i'm number 17828, i'll let ya know.

Disappointed in the lack of Android :(

Not sure I have a lot of confidence in a platform that can't scale to 25,000 members (where it is now).

Yet another social media platform that will connect the little people with the big people BUT first they have to restrict access so the big people can develop their turf before the little people attempt to do the same thing. Then the platform will be overrun with people attempting to monetize the platform which hinders the "noble" intent of collaboration and sharing. Sorry but those days of Apps and networks where the world is one big sharing and caring place are behind us. The internet and networks are big business now. Yes there are pockets and places where people do work together and share but they usually come about on their own and not by some launch of an App or network. I know this post sounds very negative and it isn't meant to be. I just think we are moving past a point in social Apps and networks of a communal share to a "this is business" mind set. Sort of like moving from the late 1960's communal mindset to the 1970's mindset of let's make money.

Downloaded. Presented with screen saying 25k people were ahead of me. Deleted. In couple minutes…forgotten.

Same...31K ahead of me...deleted immediately.

Great idea for an app connecting creators. Thanks for sharing.