Instagram Will Now Warn Users if Their Account Is Close to Being Banned

Instagram Will Now Warn Users if Their Account Is Close to Being Banned

Instagram has sometimes not been particularly forthright when it comes to decisions of account or content moderation, but that seems to be changing, as the company has announced that they will begin warning users whose accounts are in imminent danger of being banned because of violations.

Instagram has been testing several new features in the last few months, such as removing like counts from posts and decreasing the emphasis on follower counts on bio pages. The company has continued the changes, announcing that it will start to notify users if their account is close to being banned. In addition, the new notification system will also let users file direct appeals to Instagram regarding account bans and content deletion, as opposed to the old process, which was rather tedious and not particularly easy to navigate. The company is also widening the rules that govern when it decides to ban an account, which should lead to an increase in moderation of abusive users. Lastly, users in a few countries have noticed that the like counts on individual posts have been removed. Whether this will become a permanent, system-wide change remains to be seen.

Lead image by Pixabay, used under Creative Commons.

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michaeljin's picture

I wonder if they warned bathwater girl.

Steven Magner's picture

I had to google that. I hate you

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Vladimir Vcelar's picture

Then you should check out Lemon Party!

Stas Aleksandersson's picture

Seems totally useless for an average user.
Would be better if they warned us if the account is close to being unfollowed.

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Hey Canadians, if you want to see your likes again download Gbinsta lmao.

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I can see my likes

Vladimir Vcelar's picture

Let's be frank here; like most social media giants you'll only be banned if you support Trump; don't buy into that "Russia is the boogyman bullcrap" or if you don't support #metoo (ie white privilege and toxic masculinity). Even if you show a pair of titties you'll still get away with it, because Instagram is no longer a public service but a political joke.

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Supporting Trump should be an automatic ban anyway !