New GoPro App Update Adds Apple Watch Capabilities for Mobile Photographers

Users of the immensely popular GoPro line of rugged cameras will be pleased to know that the company has updated its app with new features, including Apple Watch integration that gives users the ability to control the camera right from their wrist.

GoPro cameras have become the go-to choice for many adventure, extreme sport, and outdoor photographers and athletes who need cameras that can withstand the limits of exposure and hard knocks. More recently, their app has made it easier for mobile photographers to remotely control their cameras and share footage on the go, increasing the social media viability of the line. Continuing in this vein, the app now features Apple Watch capabilities, which allow users to preview shots, start and stop recordings, change basic settings, and add the "Hi-Light" tag to videos.

Other new and improved features include the option to browse a video frame-by-frame and pull still images from it, as well as a new sorting option that can display files by type (photos, videos, Hi-Lights, and clips) to enable faster culling of media. Of course, however, the marquee feature in this update is the Apple Watch integration, which now allows those in situations where a phone may be too cumbersome or not rugged enough (think skateboarding or working in the rain) to control their GoPro.

Download the update here: Google Play | iOS

Have you used the new features yet? Let us know your thoughts!


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Lee Morris's picture

I bought an Apple watch and liked it ok but I didn't really see the value you in it for anything other than telling time and quicker notifications. Apps like this are finally making it worth while. I returned mine but I will probably be buying the next version.

Alex Cooke's picture

That's exactly how I feel about it; I'll be purchasing the next version assuming it has improved battery life and the app ecosystem has expanded a bit.