Three Helpful Tips to Grow Your Instagram Following

We're unfortunately living in the days of the algorithm, and that means working with Instagram is nowhere near as straightforward as it used to be. Nonetheless, it's still a powerful tool for creatives to get their work out into the world and network. This great video will examine three things that might be holding you back when you try to increase your Instagram following.

Coming to you from Evan Ranft, this video examines some more longterm strategies for increasing your Instagram followers beyond the usual tips. As it's clear the much maligned algorithm isn't going anywhere, your strategies should turn toward understanding how it operates and what you can do to increase your chances of it making you more visible. Beyond the algorithm, it's also important not to treat Instagram (or any other social media network or platform for that matter) as a standalone app. Your followers on YouTube and Facebook are very likely at least part of the potential follower base for Instagram, and using every opportunity to cross-promote is crucial in constantly driving people to your account. Think of your online presence as a single cohesive unit instead of distinct entities, and always work to bring everything up at the same time. 

Lead image by Jeremy Levin, used under Creative Commons.

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Alex, I like what he is saying in the video (great points), but damn he takes a lot of rambling to get through it all making it hard to want to finish watching. Thanks to him for putting together though – 100% good points.

Graham Marley's picture

Days like today make me very glad and satisfied that I’ve worked hard for years to be a better photographer and then find myself trying to decipher the mathematical whims of a big stupid robot.