You Can Now Hashtag Emoji in Instagram, but Should You?

You Can Now Hashtag Emoji in Instagram, but Should You?

With over 300 million users, Instagram is easily the best way of getting your images across to the world. Aside from its massive user base, Instagram's hashtag ability is one of the best ways of getting your images seen by the right people if used correctly. In its most recent update, along with three new filters, the social media giant has included the ability to hashtag emoji.

Though some will argue this might not be a useful tool, the reality is anything that enhances your image's ability to be found is a benefit. Think search engine optimization. If #mood helps the search engine to filter that to images with a certain mood, imagine hashtagging the actual mood with said emoji. Another example would be travel photos with a plane, palm tree, or mountain hashtag. Truly there are great possibilities with the emoji being a more specific type of tag.

I’ve been giving it a try on some of my images and so far no grand change, but I did notice how many images have already over 3,000 emoji hashtags. So whether this proves to be a great addition to Instagram search or whether it just becomes ignored and useless, we will find out. Sound off below and let me know if you think you'll be using this feature.

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Can't use the eggplant as an emoji tho. :"( (But you can use double eggplant.......)


Hahaha! I almost immediately found out the eggplant was not allowed when in a group chat about this exact thing. Pretty hilarious. Not sure it will catch on right away but damn 3k tags in some of the single emojie tags. One way I found it to be fun was to tag a handful of combo emojis for my own series. Could be fun. All about the unique tags.

I am amused by trying to find an answer to "should you" in the article, and just ending on the conclusion "I am human like you and know just as much as you" :P
But thanks for the heads up :)