A Closer Look at Luminar Neo Pano Stitching

Shooting panoramas can be a highly rewarding exercise. However, there is always the dread in the back of my mind as to whether I will be able to stitch it correctly when back in my editing suite. I, for one, have had this challenge with an image that I thought was going to be a banger, only for the horizon to slope off or for an important part of the foreground or sky to end up not stitching, resulting in a scrapped image.

In this very interesting video by Gavin Hard castle he shows some great results that he was able to achieve using Luminar Neo and shows the comparison on the same files by using Photoshop. Even though the episode is a sponsored video, I feel that it does showed me how the latest software can differ and produce a better result. Perhaps I might have been able to save those shots I binned?

It seems software can help us even more now if we get the horizons a bit off or don't shoot the pano shot correctly when out in the field. Howeverm Gavin also gives us a free tutorial from his backyard as to exactly what to consider, plus shows the new architectural additions that Photoshop managed to make during the edit.

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Darren J. Spoonley, is an Ireland-based outdoor photographer, Podcaster, Videographer & Educator with a passion for capturing the beauty of our world.

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