Magically Remix Your Music to Be the Same Length as Your Videos

As a photographer getting into video work, audio has quickly become the area where I had to learn the most. Anything camera related is very similar to photography, editing is not too complicated once you learn the software, but then there is the sound. Something we do not have when shooting still frames. One of the issues is how to make a track last the length of our video without having to spend too much time cutting it manually? Here’s the answer using Adobe Audition.

So you just placed all your clips on your timeline only to realize the licensed song you chose was too short – or too long. Sometimes, it’s easy to cut it manually and just either delete part of the song or duplicate it to make it the exact length you need. However, there are times where it can require a bit of work and effort. Unless you are all about doing it yourself, there is a way to let the computer do the job for you, and it does it surprisingly will, as you can notice in the video above.

All you will need is Adobe Audition. In the tutorial above, PremiereGal uses the round-trip feature to go from Premiere to Audition and back, but if you use Final Cut Pro X, DaVinci Resolve or any other app, the process in Audition remains the same, only the import and export parts will change somewhat.

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Simon Patterson's picture

That's a handy trick. I wonder why Audition doesn't remix it down to the length you ask it to, so you have to experiment by typing in lesser numbers until it does what you really want?

Dave Helmly's picture

Simon - the method above is great because it's quick to jump into .If you want a bit more control , we have a different method which has a few more steps. Take a look at this older video which explains it: