Light Painting the Infiniti Q30

It isn’t every day that a massive commercial client gives the freedom to artistically design a product launch. But freedom and a great amount of trust is exactly what Infiniti Motors Middle East gave Patrick Rochon for their new Q30 reveal. Rochon’s previous success with Infiniti’s Inspired Light campaign led to a second contract that allowed him to produce one of the most artistic automotive reveals to date. 

Infiniti secretly delivered the new Q30 to Rochon’s secure rental space in Montreal. Once delivered, Patrick and his team began their tests, learning how different lights and modifiers interacted with the sleek curves of the Q30. After getting to know the car and determining which lights best accentuated its features, Rochon’s team started production. With a one-month completion deadline, the team put in 12 to 15-hour days and kept in constant communication with their client.

Rochon was the creative force behind the entire project. From developing the concept to actually lighting the Q30, his involvement gave him the opportunity to do what he does best: paint with light. Light painting takes much more time than standard commercial photography. But Rochon felt that there was a large tradeoff. He achieved more with his initial shots, saving him long hours of retouching and digital fabrication in post production. 

Infiniti's Born To Challenge campaign perfectly suited Patrick, as his work challenges the bland clichés continually repeated in the commercial sector. Moreover, the project proves that commercial clients can be artistically minded and that large-scale projects can originate far from the confines of the corporate world. 

Go behind the scenes of the Infiniti Q30 project here or learn about painting cars with light here

All images by Patrick Rochon, used with permission.

[via Patrick the Light Painter]

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I have seem tons of these reveal videos at various events and this one is pretty cool...

Oh maaan... been planning a project similar to this one. Video light painting / revealing a car in dark space with moveable light source.