Win a Free Trip to Fstoppers 2015 Photography Workshop In the Bahamas

UPDATE: Two More Days! The second Fstoppers Workshops is only two months away, and just like last year we want to give someone the photography experience of a lifetime.  On March 19th we are going to give away 5 free classes away to 5 lucky photographers.  Our grand prize winner will recieve 2 workshops and we will also cover the cost of their flight and hotel. 

5 ways to enter, 5 ways to win 

We know not everyone uses all the same social media platforms so we have given you 5 ways to enter.  You can enter into just 1 or all 5 platforms to increase your chances of winning.  On March 20th we will pick one winner from each platform for a single free class. One of those 5 winners will then be randomly chosen as the grand prize winner and receive 2 free classes, a flight worth up to $500, and 6 free nights at the Atlantis Resort.  Here are the five ways to enter:


Simply leave a comment on this post below to enter (all comments require an Fstoppers account which you can sign up for here).  Each comment should tell us which instructor you would like to learn from and which class would help your photography business the most.  Any comments that are negative, vulgar, or not mentioning a class they are interested in will be disqualified. Also make sure that your profile is relatively completed, we will not choose an empty account as a winner

2: Twitter

To enter our Twitter contest, simply follow @Fstoppers and tweet the following message between now and March 19th:

" Follow @fstoppers and Retweet this message to Win a FREE trip to the FS Photography Workshops in the Bahamas:"

3: Fstoppers Workshops Newsletter

Simply subscribe to the Fstoppers Workshops Newsletter found on 

4: Facebook

Like the Fstoppers Facebook page and share and leave a comment on this Fstoppers Facebook Contest Post mentioning which class and instructor you would like to learn from if you were to attend the workshop. 

5: Youtube

The final way to enter this contest is to subscribe to our Fstoppers Youtube channel and leave a comment on this video.  Just like all other comment entries, tell us which instructor and class appeal to you the most.  One winner from Youtube will be randomly picked on March 20th


Contest details

We will randomly choose one winner from each platform on March 20th, and one of those 5 winners will be randomly chosen as the grand prize winner.  Please note that all winners must have a valid and active passport to travel into the Bahamas.  This contest is open to anyone over the age of 18 and to anyone anywhere in the world.  The 4 runner up winners of this contest will get to choose the workshop of their choice (winners cannot choose the same workshop as another winner). The grand prize winner will get free access to 2 workshops, a flight worth up to $500 (this should cover all flights from the US), and 6 nights at Atlantis Resort. If one of the winners of this contest has already signed up for the event, they will be refunded the amount that they have paid. 


About the workshop

So what is the Fstoppers Workshops?  This year between May 13-17 we will have 10 of the top educational photographers each teaching two, 2-day workshops.  The courses being taught include all sorts of genres including Fashion, Beauty, Headshots, Weddings, Architecture and Interiors, Swimwear, Commercial and Advertising, and everything in-between.  Each class is very small with only 10-20 students which makes this experience not only super hands on but also extremely personal. You can check out all the instructors and classes being taught on the Workshop Class Page.  

What makes the Fstoppers Workshops so unique from other workshops is it is held at the amazing Atlantis Resort.  Atlantis is home to one of the largest water parks in the world, several amazing 5 star restaurants, mulitple bars and night clubs, dolphin and water excursions, and a huge casino.  Since every student is staying in this one resort, this workshop makes it super easy to not only make new friends but also makes for a great learning environment where students and teachers can hangout after each class has wrapped up for the day.  So no matter if you are looking to build a vacation with your significant other, family, or friends, this workshop is the perfect mix of work and pleasure.  Check out some of the fun stuff Lee and I did at Atlantis during our down time in the video below.  

Last year's event was an amazing experience, and it has been unbelievable seeing how these courses have affected the photographers who have attended.  If you have any questions about the 2015 Fstoppers Workshops in general, head over to our FAQ Page on the Workshop Page or check out the FAQ video Lee and I created below.  Good luck to everyone and hopefully we will see you down in paradise!


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Mark Bienvenu's picture

Interiors & exteriors with Mike Kelley and Illuminating the face with Peter Hurley.

Emilie Tournevache's picture

Julia Kuzmenko McKim's workshop, to learn more tricks about lights, and how to use gel lights !!!! already registered though :P but would love to take Erik Valind's workshop too ... just because I'm not really at ease with srobes outdoors ! ;P

Peter Hurley's Illuminating the Face

Brian Baker's picture

I would absolutely love to take Aaron Nace's compositing class!

Peter Hurley - Amazing!

Josh Rottman's picture

Julia's beauty workshop and Rob's product workshop!

David Justice's picture

Definitely Matthew Smith's Fashion On Location

Hans Klett's picture

Hands down the class I would take is Mike Kelley's - Shooting and Compositing Light Painted Interiors and Exteriors. Every time I watch one of his instructional videos I learn something new. To see it all in person would take it to the next level.

Interior photography with Mike Kelly. Considering switching industries and interior photography doesn't seem as saturated as other styles.

Julia's workshop. i could use some help with my beauty photography.

Tom White's picture

Pye Jirsa's Wedding & Portrait Photography 101. Pye is an inspiration and has an amazing way of teaching. I would love to push my wedding photography further after learning from Pye.
And Peter Hurley and illuminating the face... It's Peter Hurley how can you not love this guy and learn to better your photography whatever genre you do!!

Pye & Justin - Lin and Jirsa's Wedding & Portrait Photography 201! or Peter Hurley - Illuminating the Face Intensive!

Matthew Trevino's picture

Pye and Justin's Wedding & Portrait Photography

Anonymous's picture

On location swimwear photography with Joey Wright. While I shoot a lot of real estate and would also love to take Mike Kelley's class I think that learning from Joey would help me when I shoot "after" pictures for other people that have just completed a body transformation program for one of the fitness places here in Kansas City. I would love to give them the best images as I could as a nice little reward for all their hard work!

Eric Mazzone's picture

Erik Valind and his On-Location Portraiture class or Peter Hurley with Illuminating the Face are two of the classes that would benefit me the most at the moment. Or Julia Kuzmenko's class.

Ultimate Wedding Photography Workshop with Pye and Justin from SLR Lounge.
the workshop will help me to get my new startup off the ground and give clients the better results that they deserve

Loic Romer's picture

Interior and exteriors with mike kelley

Illuminating the Face with Peter Hurley or either of Pye's wedding workshops.

Good luck to all!

Peter Hurley's Illuminating the Face

Interiors & exteriors with Mike Kelley

Peter Hurley - love the story and want to learn more !

Susan Rockstraw's picture

Julia Kuzmenko McKim! So amazing and I could learn so much!

Joe Chirilov's picture

OMG, such a tough choice!! So much amazing talent! I'm trying to be practical about this - since I've already got Mike Kelly's and both of Peter Hurley's awesome tutorial videos, I'd like to diversify a bit and learn from Aaron Nace and his amazeballs compositing skills. That dude is a super cool teacher and it would be an honor to be his student. :)

Raquel Lehman's picture

I think Julia kuzmenko's workshop would be the first pick for me, followed by the ultimate wedding photography course. Definitely tough to pick between all of them though...what a line up!!!

Andrew Voxakis's picture

Aaron Nace - Photography & Compositing Essentials 5/13. I am obsessed with Phlearn and watch all of their tutorials. I love how Aaron Nace handles a demonstration and explains the concepts. I hope to use this class to further my career in my Fine Art photography so I can one day have a gallery show. I have also saved up all my money to head to Iceland (which Ill be going the week after) and I was hoping to have this class so I can take proper shots that will allow me to take amazing composites! Thanks!

Owais Rafique's picture

Julia Kuzmenko McKim's Beauty Studio photography. My kryptonite photography genre

Melinda Berlin's picture

Aaron Nace's compositing class would be a great place to start!

Joshua Ferrara's picture

Its a bit of a no brainer for me, Julia McKim studied in Aus and I have been so taken by her work that I wanna learn as much as I can from her. To be the best you gotta learn from the best, McKim is the best in her field I believe, and the other 'best' is easily Peter Hurley. His talks on headshot photography and photo-psychology has really inspired me and I wanna learn from him as well.

Pye and Justin's Wedding photography OR Erik Valind's portrait class. Really? Any class with any of these people would be amazing:)

would love to attend Erik Valind's commercial lifestyle photography and environmental portraiture. But Peter Hurley – Illuminating the Face Intensive would really be a plus!

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