5 Weird Things Boudoir Photographers Do

Every genre of photography has quirks that the photographer gradually adopts as normal. This is one boudoir photographer's weird habits and although some of them are specific, there is a lot of crossover with other genres in places.

I have never shot boudoir before, despite having a deep love for portraiture and it being the primary reason I pick up my camera. It's a niche that can be tricky to get started in and that barrier of entry hasn't been one I have tried to overcome. Nevertheless, there are some great content creators I follow who are professional boudoir photographers, Michael Sasser being one of them.

In this video, Sasser offers five weird things boudoir photographers do and a few of them are applicable to other genres, particularly the point on locations! For me, my weird quirk is constantly looking for interesting light, no matter what. Much like Sasser's point on thinking everywhere you go could work as a photoshoot location, I always want to capture great light whether I'm on holiday or at a funeral. It's as if becoming a photographer changed the very fabric of how I look at the world.

Are you a boudoir photographer? Do you share these quirks?

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