Getting More Variety in Your Boudoir Photos

Take a quick look at your boudoir photos. Are you finding that a majority of your images are too similar and you are lacking variety in those shots? If so, here are a few ways you can mix things up in your shoot to add more variety to your work.

It's ok to have a favorite look or setup, but it can be very easy to get stagnant or complacent in your photoshoot routine, resulting in many of your photos looking the same. In this video from photographer Michael Sasser, he shares six simple ways you can add more variety to your boudoir session. You don't need to add any gear to use these methods, just maybe adjust the way you shoot or look at things.

With the fourth method of adding variety, which is changing your height to take the shots, make sure you and the subject are both safe. Gather a few step ladders and step stools of various heights and keep them with you or in your studio. A chair breaking or you slipping could ruin a shoot. 

It's easy to get stuck in an established system, regardless of how efficient it can be. However, throwing in some variety can add some much-needed variety to your portfolio. When you find yourself getting stuck in the same routine, what are some ways you change it up to produce different looks? 

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