Apple Attempts Coming Back to Its Core

Apple Attempts Coming Back to Its Core

Apple's latest ad campaigns give an idea of what it is trying to achieve and who it is trying to talk to. Check out these behind-the-scenes videos that show how Apple shot these iMac Pro ads to help it re-align its focus on the creative.

Of course, this shooting process involves high-speed processing and data transfers. After Effects was also used, but being an Apple ad, Final Cut Pro was also a main focus.

The strategy and approach is to showcase studios that are using these machines to produce great art and media. And although we're supposed to see a release of the Mac Pro soon, this machine should do the trick for any studio, video editing company, or multi media powerhouse.

It's not like most of us are going to be able to afford these machines, but it's surely inspiring to see the artists working on them, using tools that would push the fan on the Mac I use to a decibel that can be heard from the room next door. And one of the main messages I'm taking with me, ironically, is that throughout the ads and behind-the-scenes videos, it's about the work and the concept, and not the gear.

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Studio 403's picture

Somebody break into Fort Know and help a guy out. Thanks Apple by showiing me what I can’t afford. WOW what a super machine

Will Gavillan's picture

They don't sell Thunderbolt anymore. I'd hardly call the mini obsolete, although it could use a refresh. The Air needs to go and the Pro needs to be reimagined, hopefully as a modular design.

Ryan Cooper's picture

They keep around obsolete Mac Minis and Airs to target the sub $1000 price point. They would much rather you buy one of the other machines so don't want to make the cheap ones too attractive. However, if you show up at an Apple store with a very limited budget they want to give you an option with an Apple logo before you decide to buy a windows machine instead.

No idea why they keep the Pro around now that the iMac Pro is out. I can't imagine buying one at this point. Though, I'm not the target market for either.

dred lew's picture

The MP is still a very capable and nicely designed machine, it handles photography just fine. Unfortunate is just their pricing policy in that they never discount products unless there’s a successor. Apparently, the iMac Pro doesn’t count. I got one on eBay for cheaper and it’s an amazing machine but I’d never pay full prize for the current specs.

Any port used on a mac will be made obsolete in the next generation.

There is. A friend of mine is an Apple fanboy. He has a bag full of connecting cables that all went obsolete.

Black Rock's picture

Funny thing is: the newer MaBooks just grow a huge hemorrhage with a bunch of adapter cables attached !

And every adapter bought is money in the bank for Apple. Apple thinks form should go before function. I don't agree. I am poor and they are filthy rich so probably I am wrong.

Nah you're right. Apple just figured out how to make oodles of cash scheming people into buying adapters. It has to work better than it looks otherwise it's a pretty brick.

Christian Santiago's picture

Apple's FCPX doesn't crash nearly as much as Adobe. All of their products frequently crash. Premier is unreliable.

Motti Bembaron's picture

Still, I can do all that at much lower cost. When going the PC route you have so many levels of performance to choose from. You can tailor you machine to fit your needs AND budget.

Not so with Apple; "Here is what we have, take it or leave it". So it's either an under performing obsolete machine or a small mortgage for the iMac Pro.

Jim Bolen's picture

Well, I built my PC machine that runs as fast as any Mac for half the price. Yes, I've messed with them. PS and LR run about the same between the two.

Motti Bembaron's picture

You really do not think that Apple products are way more expensive than PC counterpart? Even Apple admits it.

I built my PC just over a year ago (January 2017) for just under $1,700 USD. If I bought somewhat equivalent Mac (can't be exactly the same due to Apple lack of choices) it would have cost me almost double, around $3,000 USD.

Before building my PC I looked around for weeks checking different components and equivalent machines I could buy, including an Apple, as suggested by my wife who really loves Apple. Dell was the closest. However, I really wanted to build it myself (first time doing it) and no regrets, I love what I put together and I loved the process of doing it.

As I said, an Apple counterpart would have cost about 80% more.

Motti Bembaron's picture

You do not have to believe me that I did an EXTENSIVE market research. That's fine.

My PC:
Intel i7 (8770k)
1TB M2 Sumsung
1TB 850 SSD Samsung
GeForce 650

The 5k monitor is a great example. You see, I son't need a 5k screen, very few own one (very few own 4k) and prints are never going to achieve the same vibrancy anyway. So here is something you have to buy when buying the mew iMac Pro.

I saved lots of cash there.

Ever tried to upgrade Solid State drive for Mac? It's like double the price than PC. How about RAM? Same thing.

Most of the time you can't even upgrade, or at least not on your own.

Countless graphic studios, advertizing agencies and photography studios have been migrating to using PC's for the past years. This blog we are communicating on runs by such studio. I am sure they did a very careful ROI research. Cost and lack of easy upgrade are main factors.

Yes, if I went and bought every single component that the new iMac has it will be expensive (still much cheaper than the iMac) but if I don't need it why should I buy it?

We obviously not going to agree.

The flexibility I have in upgrading is priceless. There are so many components to choose from. I can buy whatevet I need at my budget I don't need Apple to tell me what I meed.

Motti Bembaron's picture

I agree with you that Apple keeps its value however, in my opinion, it is more because of a perception than justified reality.

For example, my wife has a two year old MacBook that cost around $1,300 CDN. I would never buy it from her at the theoretical price of let's say 50% because I can get a much faster laptop for a bit more.

It's pretty and silver but do not deliver. Not for my needs anyway (I know, I tried).

As for the technicality of RAM and SSD speed, I am no tech guy but I really doubt they reach that speed (RAM or SSD)

And my doubts are justified. I urge you to watch this comparison done by the guy from PhotoshopCafe:

Now it's true that the Alienware did not have a screen but I can get one hell of a 4K for less than $1,000.

It seems the lowly $1,600 Alienware without an SSD pretty much was the winner when it comes to Photoshop work.

Also consider this, in order to upgrade the RAM in the iMac Pro you have to practically tear it open, no panels to do so.

Secondly, to upgrade you need to throw the ones you have in AND buy four new ones. Compares to my PC, I can buy two memory chip and when upgrade buy two larger ones.

Not to mention that cracking it open voids the warranty.

Sorry, not for me. Like the guy from PhotoshopCafe asks: In light of those results, is Apple gauging us?"

My answer is yes and they have been doing it for years.

Motti Bembaron's picture

As I said, we will never agree :-) But I will read this last comment more carefully later on tonight.

Black Rock's picture

Apple has always been making profit CREATIVELY.

The company makes $2B profit on the phone charging cable every year, that's pure genius.

As much as I hate Apple, you're right. That is one really good money making idea.

Motti Bembaron's picture

No, I would sell it the next day :-). Honestly, I did it with an iPad Air 2 I won at Christmas party. I got a second hand Nikon 180mm f/2.8 with that money.

No I would not accept it. I hate iDevices. I have owned an ipad and an iPhone as well as 3 different mac computers. I hated all of those devices. I wanted to like apple but their products are just over priced and under powered machines that take control from the user. Now if I spent 4k I could get a mac that ran like I want it to but for about $700-$800 I can get the same performance I'm looking for in a PC. Android also lets me do what ever the heck I want with my device. I hate Apple. That will never change. However I do recognize a need for it in today's society. If you want a computer that works 100% straight out of the box and that does everything for you no problems/minimal hassle. Get a mac. If you like to control every aspect of your computational experience get a windows PC. Although windows has taken more control away from the user with the release of windows 10. >:(

Dunno how it's been deubunked because I've already done it 5 times.

Charts and things don't matter as much as you think they do. Real world usage is what matters. I built a windows machine for a pair of video professionals that was technically slower than than the high end i mac they were using for about $650. real world usage the windows machine was waaaay faster.They said so them selves. The only reasons they went back to mac was because the people they work with all use macs so there were HDD formatting compatibility issues and they were too used to final cut pro. The point of the story is the $650 machine was faster than the $2500 iMac. You can also upgrade windows machines much easier and for WAY less. I just maxed out my lenovo laptops memory at 16gigs and put in a 500gb ssd for about $230. it's blazing fast now. It is my primary editing machine. Total I paid about $430 for this setup.

Motti Bembaron's picture

Bob, you keep insisting that Mac's will cost the same as an equivalent PC and you must be the only person I know who thinks so.

Even die hard Mac users know Mac's are way more expensive than am EQUIVALENT PC.

The Mac pro 15" goes for $3,600 CDN, the Dell ALIENWARE 17" GAMING LAPTOP is around $2,000 CDN. And if you want the better monitor you add $450 CDN

Please go and look at the specs and let me know what exactly the Mac gives me for the extra $1,200.

There is no point trying to have discussion with bob. he is
fanatical mac user. you can't reason with those types. if they like paying more for
less all you can do is let them.

Motti Bembaron's picture

True, he is a die hard Apple user :-)

I hate Apple, but I kind of like their products. I think they have very good products but Apple seem only interested to squeeze every last penny out of their clients. And seeing that Apple fanboys are among the least critical bunch on this planet, they get away with it. Good for them.
They make so much money, they could probably buy half of Africa.

Apple has really good marketing, their products look great, and are super easy to use and understand. That's why people love them. To windows users Macs look like fisher price toys but at the same time windows looks like duplo blocks to linux users.

I disagree. Two of my friend have an 27inc Imac and they had are really,really hard time understanding how it works. Easy and straightforward. I don't think so. Of course it is if you are used to a system. Even after 3 years, they still don't quite understand how it really works.
Windows is also very easy for me,because I have used windows pcs since their birth.

Everything depends on what you are used to.
I, a hardcore windows user, had to set everything up for them. It took a while because some things are a bit different but all in all a the Mac Os is kind of similar to a pc. Once you are used to it, it is easy. But certainly not easier than a Windows pc. That is a myth.
The thing Imacs have going for them is a far better hardware/software integration. That is not that hard to understand. There are millions of windows hardware configurations that have to work together and only a small number of Imac configurations. That is the biggest advantage to an Imac. Not the software itself. I guess you probably haven't used a high-end windows pc in years.

Well, I am glad you are so happy with Macs. But I think that no matter what people will say about macs, you will rather die before admitting your favourite system is less than perfect. That is why I call you a fanboy. It is not meant as an insult. It is just a fact.

Try expanding or modifying an Imac, like a different videocard, more memory (in some models, easy, in others very hard), change the harddrive for a faster and larger one. That is how easy a Mac is.
Try playing a the newest games on a Mac. On practically all models (except for the very expensive Imac Pro), this can't be bought or can't be played.

As I said, I like Imacs. But they are not perfect. They have flaws, just like windows machines, only different flaws.

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