Behind the Scenes: Clark Little Shoots Big Waves with Nikon

Nikon takes us behind the scenes of their recent "I Am Different" documentary series with Clark Little, a professional shorebreak photographer. Clark gives a little insight on how he uses his Nikon gear in what could be arguably be the most challenging and dangerous environments. Outfitted with Aquatech housing, Clark uses his Nikon D4S for its lightning-fast focusing and high frame rate to capture that perfect moment each time a wave breaks.

It’s one challenge for Clark to capture his images, and it certainly is another for the film crew to keep up with him through the violent action of the waves. To capture all that fast-paced action, the film crew appears to be using the super high-speed Sony FS700 in a custom waterproof housing.

Since it's a Nikon project, no specific mention was given to the actual model. However, if you would like to get a closer look at Clark Little's kit you can check out this extra video from the documentary where he talks about his two-stage trigger release and even how he uses his Nikon SB-900 in the surf!

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