Behind the Scenes on the First Film Shot Entirely with the Prius Backup Camera

This short film is a great piece of satire, aimed at some of the stereotypical characters and views found on an indie film set. Couple that with a concept that is ridiculous, yet believable enough to be true, and you've got gold. This humorous short takes you behind the scenes of a film shot using only the Toyota Prius backup camera.

Move over iPhone Fashion shoots, how about a Prius action thiller?!

Even though the point of this short was to be funny, part of me kept hoping to see some kind of creative solution to actually get a cool shot or two out the camera. I might be exactly the kind of person they are making fun of, but this kind of challenge I think would be a fun one. It's kind of like something I'd expect from DigitalRev and make someone like Shane Hurlbut do as a cheap camera challenge.

Whatever you might think of the practicality of actually undertaking a project shot only with a car's backup camera, the film is a riot. If you've ever worked on an indie film set, you'll surely see some familiar characters (Directors and their scarves? The audio guy who just doesn't care anymore but is OK as long as he gets paid?).

The film was created by a sketch comedy group out of Los Angeles called Mommy Comedy. Below is another one of their videos.

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Tom Lew's picture

"Other cameras do not run people over cause they are not cars"

Was laughing the entire time. This is fantastic.

Ricky Perrone's picture

Haha that was perfect. Someone should do one of these where they shoot a movie on a camera phone!

Andrew Stegmeyer's picture

Death Grips used this technique years ago:

Spy Black's picture

iPhone filmakers immediately came to mind when I saw this...

Why? Because we're so creative and innovative with "sub-par" camera equipment?

This reminded more of the series that DigitalRevTV did with odd cameras, like the one Phillip Bloom did with a Barbie Doll camera.

Spy Black's picture

"Why? Because we're so creative and innovative with "sub-par" camera equipment?"

No, because of the sheer stupidity of it. It's just as brilliant an idea as using a Prius backup camera.

Omid Daghighi's picture

very funny

michael buehrle's picture

when i first saw this i was like "oh great another iPhone like crappy excuse because i wanna be different" type of movie. it was awesome. laughed (well chuckled) thru the whole thing.