A Closer Behind the Scenes Look at Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy

This weekend I had the privilege of taking my family to go see James Gunn's new Marvel epic Guardians of the Galaxy. The summer blockbuster has been hugely anticipated by both Marvel fans and science fiction fans world-wide. I'm happy to say that the movie did not disappoint expectations. In this behind the scenes b-roll video we get an up-close look at how the movie was shot.

Guardians of the Galaxy was shot with an Arri Alexa XT Plus camera system using Zeiss Master Prime Lenses, although it was also released on IMAX with shifting aspect ratios to better immerse the viewer into the IMAX and movie experience. I'm curious why James Gunn decided to have the shifting aspect ratios for the massive theater and not use the IMAX cameras. Budget issues or maybe just a directorial preference perhaps? I'm hoping that they will release how they did some of the amazing visual special effects for the movie soon done by MPC Studios. 

Have you checked out Guardians of the Galaxy yet? Let us know what you thought about the movie in the comments below. 

[Via: Youtube (ScreenSlam)]

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Shawn King's picture

First sentence….”This weekend I had the privilage of….”

Second sentence: “The summer blockbuster has been hugly anticipated…”

Third: “I'm happy to say that the movie did not dissapoint expectations…”

4th: “In this behind the secnes b-roll…”

JESUS CHRIST! How do you make this many mistakes in such a short paragraph? Did no one bother to copy edit this piece before it got posted? And why are you allowing ten year olds to write on your web site!?

Rebecca Britt's picture

Sorry my last draft didn't get published... instead an old one did.

JESUS CHRIST! <---- For dramatic effect, as it seems to be a preference of yours!

I'm only human.

Steve Urkel's picture

Apparently they allow 10 year olds to comment so whats with the stick up your butt? (...and more importantly, who put it there.)

Zach Sutton's picture

We're having a server cache issue tonight where it's not always saving the changes we do during the proofreading and editing process. We're hoping we have it fixed, and apologize for the poor grammar that is popping up on a few of the articles. Shouldn't be happening for much longer.


Jennifer Kelley's picture

* website

You make typos and mistakes too.

Chuck Eggen's picture

"I am Groot" Saw it tonight and really enjoyed. Maybe 5 curse words in the whole movie. Goes to show we don't an F-bomb every other word to enjoy a movie. Now for my obligatory misspelling, Luved every minet of it. Just for you Shawn King.

Matthew Taggart's picture

Favorite movie in a long time! It's fun for me when I enjoy a movie so much I don't even think about how they made it. A rare treat. Thanks for posting the BTS.

Junior Robles's picture

The most amazing Marvel film, yet... Can't wait for Avengers 2. Thanks for the article Rebecca. Dope as hell.