Commercial Photographer Balances Hectic Shooting Lifestyle With Landscape Photography Expedition

Earlier this year, commercial photographer Lars Schneider was followed by a camera on a trip to the Faroe Islands to document his “other life” as a landscape photographer. The resulting video gives us insight into what his professional lifestyle entails and the change of pace enjoyed when shooting landscapes for personal fulfillment rather than clientele.

Every one of us has taken their own unique path in photography, and it is always interesting hearing these tales from the ones we would consider successful. Schneider’s journey in photography sprouted from his first love of the outdoors and carrying a camera in hand. Soon it struck him that photography was something he wanted to pursue as a career. Now, Schneider is traveling away from his home in Hamburg, Germany for half of the year for work.

Director of Photography Peter Bender did an excellent job setting this piece up and his editing, sound design, and color grading all look perfect for Schneider’s story.

You can find more videos from Schneider on his Vimeo profile and be sure to check out his commercial production website and his landscape portfolio for inspiration.

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Wow! You seem to be very good and to have a fantastic lifestyle. Mainly because you dropped out of your father's responsibilities.

this video, from when was shared in June, put Faroe Islands on the map for me. Since then I just booked a flight to explore myself! Can't wait